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DIY Natural Household Cleaners

DIY Natural Household Cleaners
Create and stock up on all-natural household cleaners like vinegar, baking soda and castile soap to avoid volatile organic compounds in your home.

How To Make Reed Diffuser Oil
This simple craft looks attractive in any home and keeps it smelling clean and fresh with the use of essential oils instead of hazardous air pollutants.

Shaking Homemade Leather Cleaner

DIY Furniture Cleaners with Olive Oil
Olive oil makes a perfect, moisturizing addition to these DIY furniture cleaners, including a homemade furniture polish and homemade leather conditioner.

DIY Skin Softeners

DIY Beauty: 4 Foods for Skin
These four skin-improving foods can soothe, nourish and protect in our simple, cost-effective DIY beauty treatments that take only minutes to make.

DIY Natural Cleaners with Fall Scents
Using warming botanical oils, enjoy spicy and earthy fall scents while preventing harmful viruses from entering your home with these easy, homemade natural cleaners.

DIY Wool Dryer Balls
Conventional fabric softener sheets can contain some really nasty chemicals, but these dryer balls are 100 percent wool and they last for years—all you need is some wool yarn and a pair of pantyhose.

DIY Natural Air Fresheners
Simple DIY projects such as this room spray with essential oils can also help neutralize odors as would any other chemically laced air freshener.

Homemade Natural Shampoo
Learning how to make natural shampoo is easy! With a few simple ingredients you can whip up your own shampoo at home for safe and effective natural hair care.

How To Kill House Flies
You don’t have to live with toxins to get rid of bugs. Learn how to kill house flies with this simple (and safe!) nontoxic solution: make your own flypaper.

Household uses for vinegar

Household Uses: Vinegar
Learn how to use vinegar in household cleaning products and at-home natural body care.

Household Uses for Salt

Household Uses: Salt
Learn how to use salt in natural homemade cleaners and home body care.

Household Uses for Honey

Household Uses: Honey
Learn how to use honey for everything from relieving coughs to treating scrapes.

Household uses for baking soda

Household Uses: Baking Soda
Baking soda is a pantry staple—but it’s also a powerhouse cleaner and deodorizer. Learn how to put baking soda to use in your home.

DIY Hand Cream

DIY Natural Hand Cream
Care for sore, chapped hands with this do-it-yourself hand cream.

natural makeup remover

DIY Natural Makeup Remover

Find natural, effective methods for removing makeup without causing skin irritation.

natural perfume

DIY Essential Oil Perfume
Make this simple, non-synthetic essential oil perfume for special occasions or day-to-day use.

homemade sugar scrub

DIY Lavender Sugar Scrub
Learn how to make this simple lavender scrub to gently exfoliate and hydrate skin.


Aromatherapy Misters
Spritz your way to peace of mind. Follow this tutorial to create your own aromatherapy mister.


How to Grow and Process Luffa Gourds
Learn how to grow and process luffa gourds for a natural sponge alternative to use for bathing and cleaning around the house.

Natural Health

Herbal Tincture with Peppermint

How to Make an Herbal Tincture with Peppermint
Try making herbal tinctures at home, like this peppermint tincture which is great for calming upset stomachs.

Herbal Salve with Calendula

How to Make an Herbal Salve with Calendula
An herbal salve with calendula can be used to soothe a variety of skin problems, from mild burns to acne.

Herbs for Nausea

3 Herbs for Nausea
These herbs for nausea can be used to soothe upset stomachs, calm nerves and prevent illness.

 Herbs for Mental Focus

4 Herbs for Mental Focus
Try these herbs for mental focus to boost brain health safely and effectively.

2 Herbs for Skin

2 Herbs for Skin
Soothe and heal scrapes, burns and rashes with these herbs for skin.

3 Herbs for Wellness3 Herbs for Wellness

Use these herbs for wellness to keep your major body functions running smoothly and efficiently.

Aromatherapy Relaxation Spray — WIBW Interview
WIBW interviews Editor-in-Chief Jessica Kellner on the principles of aromatherapy while she shows how to make a basic relaxation spray.


Make a Ginger Compress to Soothe Sore Muscles
Aches and pains plague all of us. But you can soothe sore muscles with homemade natural remedies, such as a simple ginger compress.

Herb Basics: Drying and Preserving Herbs
Learn a few simple methods for drying and preserving some of the fresh herbs growing in your garden for fresh, preserved flavor in the colder months.

Salt Scrub

Salt Scrub
Learn how to make this easy DIY salt scrub to provide moisture and gentle exfoliation for your skin.

Grandpa's Mouthwash

Grandpa’s Mouthwash
Try this easy-to-make, effective herbal mouthwash to heal inflammation and maintain a healthy mouth.

Sage Hair Rinse

Sage Hair Rinse
Use this simple, all-natural sage hair rinse to achieve healthy, conditioned hair.

Chamomile Hair Rinse

Chamomile Hair Rinse
Use this simple, nourishing chamomile rinse as part of your healthy hair care routine.

Real Food

How to Make Roasted Chickpeas

How to Make Roasted Chickpeas
Learn how to make roasted chickpeas for a kid-friendly, on-the-go snack.

Homemade banana oatmeal walnut cookies

Banana Oatmeal Walnut Cookies
Try these banana oatmeal walnut cookies for a sugar free snack.

Baked Kale Chips

How to Bake Kale Chips
Learn how to bake kale chips for a crunchy, salty, but healthy potato chip alternative.

Homemade nondairy ice cream

How to Make Nondairy Ice Cream
Whip up this nondairy ice cream for a healthy, refreshing summer treat.

Jessica Kellner explains how to use a food dehydrator

Using a Dehydrator to Preserve Food
Discover how using a food dehydrator can help you preserve summer’s bounty.

caramelized onions

How to Caramelize Onions
Cook a large batch of savory caramelized onions in advance to have on hand for weeknight cooking.

homemade black beans

Homemade Black Beans
Freeze homemade black beans to prepare healthy meals, quickly.

roasted garlic cloves

How to Roast Garlic Cloves
Learn how to roast whole garlic cloves, ahead of time, to add flavor to all your meals with ease.

Cooking mustard seeds

Pickled Mustard Seeds
Make your own sweet and sharp condiment by cooking together mustard seeds, vinegar, Mirin, and sugar.

Veggies in oil

Preserved Vegetable Medley
With this simple method, you can preserve a heap of your favorite vegetables for up to a year.

herb salt

How to Make Herb Flavored Salt 
Preserve your herbs and add flavor to all your foods with the herb flavored salt.

fermented vegetables

How to Ferment Vegetables 
Preserve your vegetables via fermentation using just salt and water!

Homemade Pear Butter

Homemade Pear Butter
Follow these easy steps to create a wonderful pear butter.

Desk Yoga

Arms Wide Open Yoga Pose

Arms Wide Open
This pose corrects posture and opens the chest. It can help to relieve carpal ligament pain by stretching the wrists and exercising the surrounding muscles.

Deep Breathing Desk Yoga Pose

Controlled Breathing Exercise
Continual practice of this controlled breathing exercise can alleviate stress and increase breath control during other cardiovascular activities.

Reverse Prayer Desk Yoga Pose

Reverse Prayer
Open up your airways and improve your sitting position with this simple stretch. It will also help you if you suffer from carpal tunnel, which is common among people who sit at a desk all day.

Chair Cat and Cow Desk Yoga Pose

Chair Cat and Cow
You may already be familiar with this classic yoga pose. This Desk Yoga version is the same stretch that has been adapted for an office setting.

Neck Stretch Desk Yoga Pose

Neck Stretch
If you have a lot of tension built up in your neck you might experience some pain when first going through the motions of this stretch.

Alternate Nostril Breathing Technique

Alternate Nostril Breathing Technique
This breathing exercise will help undo some of the physical and emotional stress of the work week. It’s also great for built up congestion.

Modified Eagle Pose

Chair Eagle Pose
Typically, this yoga stretch, known as an eagle pose, is done standing up and it involves using your legs. But, in keeping with our Desk Yoga series, we have modified this pose for the office by using just the arms.

Seated Leg Cross Yoga Pose

Seated Leg Exercise
This seated leg exercise has been modified to be done while sitting in a chair at work. It is a particularly great stretch for opening up the hips and increasing flexibility in the legs.

Sitting Cow Face Yoga Pose

Sitting Cow Face Pose
This yoga pose can be a little bit difficult to get into, especially if your arms aren’t quite flexible enough to reach each other behind your back or you carry a lot of tension in your shoulders.

Upper Body Stretch Yoga Pose

Upper Body Stretch
This is a wonderful stretch for our upper bodies, which can become extra strained after sitting hunched over a desk all day.

Spinal Twist Yoga Pose

Spinal Twist Yoga Pose
This spinal twist is a modification of the “lord of the fishes” pose. It’s a side-to-side stretch that helps increase balance and agility.

Jessica Kellner Demonstrating the Hamstring Stretch Yoga Pose

Seated Hamstring Stretch
You will feel the benefits of this seated hamstring stretch through the back of your leg, into the glutes and up the small of your back.

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