Aromatherapy Relaxation Spray — WIBW Interview

WIBW interviews Editor-in-Chief Jessica Kellner on the principles of aromatherapy while she shows how to make a basic aromatherapy relaxation spray.


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A smell can take us back to childhood or even conjure up a lost love as real as the day we experienced. In this news segment with WIBW, Jessica Kellner, Editor-in-Chief of Mother Earth Living, gives us a few pointers on the simple principles of aromatherapy and how to make a basic aromatherapy relaxation spray. Numerous studies show that various essential oils can actually help to affect mood. Use lavender essential oil in this room spray for its antiviral, antibacterial, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory qualities. If you would rather learn how to make an energizing spray, opt for citrus essential oils instead, such as grapefruit, lemon or sweet orange.

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Aromatherapy, or the art of using aromatic essential oils, relies on the subtle effects of smell to relax or stimulate the body, mind and spirit. You can harness the healing power of scent at home by blending botanical essential oils for homemade massage oils, bath salts, steam inhalations, air fresheners and much more. Choosing the best skin-friendly carrier oils is also important. Opt for carrier oils that provide their own set of skin-renewing benefits such as seed and nut oils (for instance sweet almond, grape seed and walnut).

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