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Shake Up Your Holidays with Herbal Cocktails

Cocktail Mixtures: • White Chocolate Mintini • Le Cilantro Rouge • Citrus Lavender Martini • Raspberry Lavender Margarita From the fifth floor terrace of Chicago’s Le Meridien Hotel, you can stare forever at the panoramic view of the Windy City’s remarkable skyline. Unless, of course, you get distracted when you realize that the lavender, thyme, purple basil, ...

The Herb Companion Staff

Food For Health

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Do a Spicy-Hot Detox

In the spring, nature wakes up gently, and then suddenly; we sense the sluggishness of winter shedding, and the freshness of spring emerging. Our bodies respond to the seasonal changes, readily reacting to the temperature, humidity, balance of light and dark, and a variety of other natural influences. For many, this connection becomes most apparent during the transition from ...

Bevin Clare

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Food Preservation

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Late Season Food Preservation Guide

A mastery of simple home preservation techniques is key to delicious, healthy eating and efficient cooking. The home preserver controls the quality of the foods she puts up and, by having fine preserved foods on hand, increases her ability to make tasty meals quickly. Building your own stock of flavorful preserved foods is easier than you might think and well worth the time to learn ...

Eugenia Bone

Food Products

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Ghee: The Health G(h)eeks’ Favorite Fat

One of the small but mighty joys of the culinary world is that there exists a seemingly innumerable array of fats and oils with which to cook. Animal or vegetable is merely the first decision. Within each family of fats are dozens of additional adventurous choices. Each cook has their own favorite fat, and each fat has its own peculiar benefits and taste. Different regions have ...

Kate Maclean

Sustainable Food

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Smart Gelatin Substitutes

 Photo by Getty Images/SStajicTorn between making your favorite gelatin treats and sticking to your nutritional standards? Typical flavored gelatin mixes have ingredient lists that read like chemistry experiments. They contain artificial flavors, chemicals to control acidity, preservatives, and synthetic food dyes galore, including Red 40 and Yellow 6, often made ...

Marsha Mcculloch

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