6 Mindfulness Practices for Powerful Women

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Being in charge and making decisions is hard enough, let alone when you have to manage a number of people, spend a lot of time in the office and you often don’t have time for yourself. Mindfulness is a practice necessary if you want to be a well-rounded, balanced person both at work and in private.

Being a female boss isn’t easy. You have so much on your plate and you’re still as tough as nails. But every once in a while, we all need to stop, breathe and — just relax.

Life’s all about balance, and no matter how high-achieving you are, you need to be healthy both physically and emotionally. The best way to get that is to follow some of these mindful practices:

1. Pay attention to your eating habits

You probably endure so much stress at work that sometimes, eating is equated with lunch and dinner meetings. Eating your food at your desk might be your go-to way to eat. But, you need to eat properly. Find time to chew your food and feel the taste. Make that your fifteen minutes to unwind. If your office feels good, then eat there, but make sure nobody disturbs you. Use that time to reconnect. Chew carefully and always pick healthy food that you also like. Don’t force yourself to eat salad that tastes like plastic, if every bite feels like a chore.

Learn about meal planning and food combining. They say “you are what you eat” for a reason. If you find more time to dedicate to your diet and how you eat, your productivity will also increase.

2.  Exercise carefully

Spending a lot of time indoors buried in work can be detrimental to one’s body. That’s why incorporating physical activity is definitely a must. But, chances are you’re already doing it. You might even have a personal trainer or do yoga with a group of other high-flying women. Whatever it is, be careful not to strain yourself and risk your health.

Aside from being cautious, you should also consider investing in quality gym wear and equipment. Working out is necessary if you want to stay in shape both physically and mentally. Find what working out routine you like and stick to it.

3. Learn to manage your emotions

Being a boss is difficult, but being a good boss is difficult and stressful. If you want to be a boss who gets things done and has a good relationship with employees, learning to deal with your emotions is essential. Sometimes, it’s tempting to yell at that one person who messed up but taking a deep breath and dealing with it in a less volatile manner will be more beneficial to everybody. A good, powerful boss doesn’t need to prove themselves as an authority figure. They just are.

Have you ever seen a good male boss losing his temper and lashing out? No? That’s why you shouldn’t do it too. Women in the office can have it hard, but always remember that you’ve made it because you can do it. So next time someone annoys you, take care of it agreeably.

4.  Find some time for yourself

Having a me-time is something we all must do, no matter how busy you are. You might find it challenging at first, but once you get used to it, your me time will become your little sanctuary. Practice yoga, meditate or read a chick lit book no matter how vacuous it is. Sometimes, you need to unwind from all the pressure and doing something soothing is a way to reset your buttons.

Aside from reading something unpretentious, you can also have a soothing bath while listening to your favourite music. There are so many ways to have time for yourself, just learn to treat is a regular thing, and not as a luxury.

5. Be humble and thankful

This is crucial if you want to stay on the ground. Practising humbleness and thankfulness are a sure way into leading a mindful lifestyle. Remembering where you’ve come from and how hard you’ve worked on your way to the top will always be there as guidance. You can’t empathise with others lower on the ladder if you forget your own beginnings. Also, staying thankful for everything you have will keep you grounded.

6. Spend time with your family and friends

Working long hours can become a way of life if you don’t learn to take a deep breath. Spending time with loved ones is a great way to relax and reconnect. Whether it’s your partner, children, your siblings, parents or your old friends, having them in your life is a constant form of self-love. Those people know you probably your whole life, and with them, you don’t have anything to prove. To them, you’re still powerful, but you’re also allowed to be clumsy and goofy and to laugh at old memories.

Cherish those people in your life and protect them at all costs. They should be your anchor and finding the time to spend with them is the least you can do.

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