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6 Mindfulness Practices for Powerful Women

Being in charge and making decisions is hard enough, let alone when you have to manage a number of people, spend a lot of time in the office and you often don’t have time for yourself. Mindfulness is a practice necessary if you want to be a well-rounded, balanced person both at work and ...

Why a Digital Detox is Essential and How to Unplug

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter—you just can’t resist checking them every fifteen minutes. You also feel anxious if you don’t look at your work email periodically, and you rarely put your phone down if you can help it. Even when you get home you can barely resist the social media, and you ...

Establishing Positive Habits to Transform Your Health

Very often, even the smallest of steps forward can mean a lot in our journey to health. Simple, easy habits have the power to transform us into the person we truly want to be, and all we need to do is allow ourselves to embrace the idea that wellbeing and happiness are within our reach. For ...

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