Essential Oils Inhalation: Direct vs. Indirect

By Staff
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Did you know there are different types of inhalation of essential oils that can be beneficial for different concerns?

Are you using the best method for your desired outcome?

There are different ways to utilize inhalation depending on your concern. 

Inhalation is often an under utilized method of use for essential oils but it’s one that is extremely effective for a variety of issues such as emotional support, anxiety, mild sleep disturbances, respiratory issues and more.

Direct / Therapeutic Inhalation

This involves a deeper inhalation for several breaths unto 10 minutes. For direct inhalation, you can use a personal inhaler, a cotton ball or inhale directly for the essential oil bottle. Indirect inhalation, the essential oil would be the primary scent you’re be inhaling.

Direct inhalation is beneficial for emotional support such as anxiety, nervousness, mental clarity, respiratory support (i.e. cold/congestion), or nausea.

Indirect / Passive Inhalation

This involves lighter inhalation and is utilized through diffusers, perfume oils, diffuser jewelry etc. These are typically lighter scents and used for longer periods of time

Indirect inhalation is beneficial for environmental support such as freshening the air and providing mild emotional support.


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