2-Ingredient DIY Facial Oil for Glowing Skin

Make your own nourishing facial oil with just two ingredients.

Reader Contribution by Melissa Doris-Binig
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When it comes to facial skin care, I’ve always been a soap and water kind of girl. Sure, I’ve dabbled in using various store-bought skin-care products over the years, but I’ve never found anything that really stuck with me. For the most part, many products either didn’t really do anything visibly positive for my skin, or otherwise had a long list of unfamiliar ingredients that left me feeling uncomfortable. So for many years, my skin-care routine consisted only of washing my face, and occasionally using a witch hazel toner.

Recently, this all changed. The dry, cold air of fall and winter had really taken its toll on my skin in ways that I’ve never noticed before. My skin became dry in places with more fine lines, yet still somehow managed to be oily in places, too — especially in the t-zone and along my hairline. And overall my skin just looked dull. It seemed to have just lost its brightness and glow, and no amount of makeup was able to improve the situation.

So, I began doing some research online and came up with the idea of a facial oil as a possible solution. Of course, facial oils are all the rage right now so there were on my radar, but they weren’t something I had ever seriously entertained as a possibility. Because my skin has always tended towards the oily side, and I had suffered from acne as a young adult, I’ve always assumed that slathering my face with oil probably wasn’t a great option. Still, I reasoned, I needed to do something, and after dong my research, an oil seemed like a natural way to nourish and brighten my dull skin (and I figured that if my skin became oily or broke out, I could just stop using it). I decided to give it a try.

I found an antioxidant facial oil blend at my local food co-op that had great online reviews, so bought it and began using it that same night. Now let me tell you now that this was a real game-changer for my skin. When I got up the following morning, I splashed some warm water on my face and dried it with a soft towel and my skin was glowing! I couldn’t believe my eyes. And it only got better in the following weeks. My complexion is much brighter and more even, with fewer visible fine lines. And not only has my skin not become greasy or broken out, but it’s noticeably less oily. I am a total convert.

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The downside? The price. My small bottle of oil came with a hefty price tag. Miraculous though it may be, I couldn’t see myself shelling out that kind of money on a regular basis. I needed something that would be a more financially-sustainable solution. Being the DIY-gal that I am, I began to research various oils and their beneficial properties, and how different oils work with different skin types. I finally came up with an easy, 2-ingredient blend that is suitable for many skin types. I’ve been using it now for several weeks, and I’m very happy with the results.

Of course, there are many oils out there that can be used for skin care, but I wanted something that would be suitable for any skin type — that would also have hydrating, anti-aging properties while also being non-comedogenic. For my purposes, I chose pumpkin seed oil and rosehip seed oil for my custom blend.

Pumpkin seed oil is full of fatty acids and is rich in antioxidants (including vitamin E), and other nutrients. And in addition to nourishing and hydrating the skin, it’s purported to be anti-inflammatory and good at curbing breakouts. When purchasing, look for organic, cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil.

The second oil I used, rosehip seed oil, is pressed from the rose hips (the fruit) of the rose, and has long been touted as a powerful anti-aging oil. Chock-full of fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin A, it has been said to brighten the skin, reduce signs of aging, and reduce dark spots and scars. Many people find that it helps with acne, but everyone is unique, so if you have acne, you will need to experiment and decide for yourself. Look for organic, cold-pressed oil. And because rosehip seed oil is fragile, you’ll want to store it in the refrigerator or other cool place.

This recipe makes 1-1/2 ounces of facial oil. Don’t be tempted to mix a larger batch — it’s best to mix a small batch at a time in order to maintain freshness. And while these oils are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction, it could happen. If you have sensitive skin or allergy concerns, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and do a patch test before using.

dark oil bottle with small funnel on top sitting on table with dropper to the…

2-Ingredient Facial Oil Recipe


• 1 ounces cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil
• 1/2 ounce rosehip seed oil


Combine pumpkin seed oil with rosehip seed oil in a 2-ounce dark-colored dropper bottle. Store it in a cool place away from the light.

To Use:

You can use this oil any time of day or night. I like to gently rub a 5-6 drops of it on my face before I go to bed, and then wash my face with warm water in the morning. If my skin needs a bit more brightening, or is a little dry, I also sometimes use a few drops of oil during the day. For a healthy glow, try mixing a drop or two into your foundation or CC Cream before applying.

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