Best Essential Oils for Post-Workout Recovery

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Post-workout recovery is different for everyone, but what’s in common for everyone is that some type of muscle soreness will appear eventually. That can be rather demotivating for many people who’re starting their fitness journey, but it can even be a setback for the experienced and well-trained individuals. To prevent any type of muscle stiffness after training, consider essential oil massage that you can have with various types of soothing essential oils.

Essential oils will soothe your muscles

Are your muscles stiff and sore after sweating at the gym? With the use of essential oils, all the discomfort that you may have been feeling will be relieved. The botanicals in the oils have anti-inflammatory effects that alleviate the pain successfully. Not only will they ease your muscles, but the calming aromas reduce stress too. Several essential oils such as lavender, black pepper, ginger, peppermint, and eucalyptus have chock-full pain-relieving properties, which will transform aching muscles into pain-free musculature. In addition, essential oils can improve circulation and ease swelling.

Black pepper oil for soreness

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If you’re a weight-lifter, you’re likely to experience often muscle soreness. Whether your quads, glutes or other large muscle groups are sore after a workout, black pepper oil can successfully reduce cramps and improve mobility. Thanks to its antispasmodic properties, black pepper treats muscle spasms and cramps in a blink of an eye. Besides, it improves blood circulation, which will speed up the process of rebuilding muscle fibres and recovering after a strenuous weight lifting session. Black pepper oil is also diaphoretic for bodybuilders and athletes, meaning that it will temporarily increase perspiration and promote urination. This way, athletes will be able to expel the toxins more efficiently but also rehydrate their body after workouts. Three to five drops of black pepper oil with a warm compress on the sore muscles will be enough to ease the pain and improve circulation.

Post-workout supplements work too

When it comes to post-workout recovery, there are other solutions aside from essential oils. Namely, you can also use the best post workout supplements such as the ones offered by ATP Science and speed up your recovery. With a quality supplement, your body will receive all the nutrients it needs to recover after the workout and continue to grow. The period after the workout is crucial for muscles to recover and build, which is why you should take post-workout supplements to allow your body to feel vigorous after a high-intensity workout.

Ginger root oil decreases swelling

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Instead of taking pain medications, ginger root oil can be a great alternative to soothe sore muscles. Thanks to its analgesic properties, it can help treat post-workout muscle soreness. Not only will it alleviate pain, but ginger root oil will also have anti-inflammatory effects. If you’ve had a gym injury, ginger root oil will decrease the swelling caused by the injury. Ginger root oil works wonders with pains caused by pulled, twisted or torn muscles. If you massage the oil into injured areas, you’ll get the most benefits out of it. 

Lavender oil to promote calmness

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Lavender oil is used for various purposes. Not only will it help athletes and bodybuilders, but it’s also a great reliever for non-athletes. If you’re experiencing post-workout muscle aches and soreness, or migraines because of a hectic stressful lifestyle, the lavender essential oil will help either way. Lavender is a mild anxiolytic i.e. it has relaxing qualities similar to medicines used in treating anxiety disorders. Unlike the medicines for anxiety, lavender does not have addictive side effects. You can apply lavender directly with compression massage if you’re in pain due to sore muscles or swollen ankles. For the best effects, apply three to five drops of lavender oil to a warm compress towel.

Marjoram massage for tired muscles

If you’re dealing with sore muscles after every workout, you should start using marjoram essential oil in your post-workout routine. Because of its calming and relaxing properties, your previously sore and tired muscles will be pain-free and you’ll never have to face aching muscles again. Use marjoram essential oil for massages or add a few drops in a warm bath to help your muscles recover and repair after a long training session.

Final thoughts

Essential oils will help you alleviate all kinds of gym-caused pain that you’re dealing with after workouts. Whether you massage it into your body, use with warm compresses or add a few drops into your bath, essentials oils will help heal sore muscles, any stiffness and will have anti-inflammatory properties making any type of swelling go away. 

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