4 Easy Ways to Protect Your Skin During Spring

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4 Easy Ways to Protect Your Skin During Spring

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March 2018


With the first day of spring only a month away, warmer weather is on the way! The planning has begun for some fun in the sun. With camping adventures, day trips to the beach and extended vacations to exotic places, the opportunity to spend more time outside is more than welcome. Though it’s only spring and the weather is not as warm yet, there are a number of reasons as to why you shouldn’t go without using sunscreen. Although it may be cold outside, the sun rays still affect your skin. Avoid sunburn, sun damage, prematurely aging skin and skin cancer with some tips to help protect your skin while you’re enjoying the new season.

Protective Clothing

Work Out Long Sleeve

Spring is one of the most popular times of the year for exercising outdoors. Whether you’re practicing outdoor yoga sessions, jogging, walking or spring skiing, protecting your skin is important. Try wearing protective clothing such as tightly woven long-sleeved shirts, long pants and wide-brimmed hats. Bonus: Most workout clothes are specifically designed to block ultraviolet rays.



Sunscreen should be the staple product in your everyday regimen even if you are not outside frequently. Picking a good natural mineral sunscreen that suits your skin type is key to great coverage. When having an active day ahead of you, using a sunscreen that is water-resistant will protect your skin even while you sweat. Mineral active sticks make sunscreen easier to apply, reapply, and is great for travel. Keep in mind that a higher SPF number does not mean better protective coverage. More burns happen this way because of not reapplying, so be sure to apply your SPF every two to three hours, no matter what.

Protective Makeup

protective makeup

It’s not always convenient to reapply sunscreen, especially if you’re wearing makeup. A great addition to your makeup bag, all year long, is a mineral sun protection powder. It’s lightweight, transparent, and great for all skin types! Lightly dust a layer on as needed throughout the day and your makeup will stay matte and flawlessly fresh while protecting your skin against UVA / UVB sunrays. In order for sunscreen to provide all-day protection, you have to remember to reapply throughout the day.

Essential Hydration

essential hydration

Hydration is not only important for your overall health, but there are also benefits to protecting your skin from sun damage. Drinking plenty of fluids (water) helps to keep your skin moist, which is essential to skin protection. Water also helps rejuvenate your skin to keep it nourished and healthy. Other fluids such as coffee and alcohol will dehydrate the skin.

It’s important to remember that UVA rays from the sun are constant all year round. We are exposed to UVA/UVB sun rays even while we are indoors. So, be cautious and protect your skin against sun damage and aging.

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