DIY Cosmetics – Homemade Organic Skin Toner (Video)

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Homemade Organic Skin Toner


Facial toner perks up your skin tone and your complexion — and an inexpensive DIY all-natural toner is quick to whip up. Senior Editor K.C. Compton creates her recipe from a witch hazel base, green tea and essential oils. Follow her directions here for a bright start (or end) to your day.

More on herbal skin care at In this inspirational guide to a greener, healthier life though caring for and honoring the body, you’ll find time-tested herbal remedies that are safe, effective and easy to prepare. Rosemary Gladstar, a renowned herbal teacher and a driving force behind the contemporary herbalist movement, presents teas, tonics, oils, salves, tinctures and other natural therapies for dozens of common maladies and for promoting overall health and wellness at every stage of life.


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