How to Make Your Summer Vacation Less Stressful

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The season of summer vacations has officially started. No matter how excited we are, the preparations can cause us unnecessary stress, which is why it is important to start early, especially with taking care of our body. To make the preparations a bit easier for you here is some helpful advice.

Help your hair stay healthy in the heat

During summer, our hair suffers pretty much due to salt water and sun exposure. It gets dry, brittle and not very shiny. This is why if you want your hair looking good every day of your vacation, you should prepare it with proper care. Different masks and treatments for hydration and shine can now be done either at home or with a professional hairdresser. You can even get sun protecting sprays that will protect it from the heat, as well as, a detangle comb, so it won’t break too much. Another good tip is to cut your hair before going because that will make it look fresh right away and you definitely want to start your holiday with a fresh haircut. You can even dye your hair so that you don’t worry about grown-out roots.

Skin as smooth as silk

The most dreadful part about every summer vacation prep is having to shave your legs every day. That is why you should find a long-term solution. You can learn from Australian women since they have their legs smooth at all times because the weather there demands it. Something that saves them from shaving and waxing, and makes them ready for summer is most certainly laser hair removal in Perth and other cities. Since you will need a few treatments, you should do it in the months leading up to the actual holiday. This way, your skin will have time to recover and be summer ready. Keep in mind that you should avoid sun exposure for some time after every treatment since it can cause redness and irritation.

Also, take care of your skin by hydrating it. All of this saves you time and reduces the risk of getting an ingrown hair, not to mention you will enjoy every day without worrying about depilation.  

Lifesaving mani-pedis

Another thing that will save you money, time and your nerves is most certainly doing a manicure and pedicure before going on a vacation. The water will chip your nail polish and make your cuticles very sensitive and exposed. Besides not looking good, it is not healthy for your skin to stay like that in the salt water and sun. When you do mani-pedis, you will get medical treatment of softening and removing your cuticles and beauty treatment of fresh nail polish. You can get a bright pink or blue color perfect for the summer, or go with all white, which will look perfect when you get a tan.

Taking care of your skin all throughout your holiday

Besides making your skin look beautiful by laser removal, you have to take care of it. This means wearing a necessary SPF at all times, even if you are just walking, not sunbathing. Make sure to put it on your face as well, and protect it as much as you can. Don’t worry, it will not stop you from getting a tan.

Besides this, the same rules apply here as with hair. You have to hydrate it, because that will leave it looking fresh, smooth, and healthy. However, don’t exfoliate too much because that can leave it exposed and lead to damaged skin. A good tip is to get a cooling gel cream which you will use after sunbathing. Another way you will help your skin is to bring loose clothes made from light, breathable materials.

Tips for a light summer make-up

During the summer, it is very hot and humid. You spend a lot of time in the Sun, and even in the evening, the temperatures are pretty high. Of course, you want to look good at the beach, a daily walk or a night out, but heavy make-up is not an option. To make your look suitable for the summer, you don’t need much. Regular skin care routine before anything else is a must. Since you will get a tan, you can get a bb cream that is just going to even out your skin, a bronzer to make your tan stand out more, some highlighter, mascara and lipstick as a pop of color. Your face will be summer ready and fresh, and your make-up will not smear all over your face in the heat.

Another good trick is to use a primer before your make-up, which will keep it on your face longer, and be a great base for all the other products

The beauty preparations for women start early on. Skin, hair, nails, make-up, it all has to work together to be able to spend our holidays without a care in the world. Beauty reasons are obvious, but you will also be taking care of your health, so invest some time and money and shine on your next vacation.

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