Understanding Female Hair Loss

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Female hair loss is an emotive issue and a worrying time for anyone who experiences this problem, but there more options than ever before to help you do something positive and find a long-term solution.

Effective treatments, like hair transplant and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP), are performed on a regular basis by specialists such as Longevita. These promising and pioneering techniques are a real breakthrough in the fight against female hair loss.

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Menopause and Hair Loss

Hair loss is not one of the primary symptoms associated with perimenopause and menopause, but it is definitely one of the most emotive aspects linked with this change in the life cycle.

It is believed that hair loss during menopause is becoming more common due to the fact that more women are experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety, due to work and family pressures. This can lead to loss of hair as result of the menopause itself combined with these other aggravating factors, and the condition is known as Chronic Telogen Effluvium.

The positive point to consider when talking about menopausal hair loss is that the effects are only permanent in a minority of patients, but the effects of the condition can lead to other issues such as depression, so it should be addressed if it occurs to you.

Other Common Causes for Female Hair Loss

Telogen Effluvium can also occur during pregnancy, as a result of extreme weight loss or for a number of other reasons.

Hair loss may continue for 6 weeks to 3 months after each trigger episode, such as extreme stress, and your doctor should be able to advise you on what may have caused the symptoms and possibly provide some assistance in dealing with the cause with appropriate medication. The medication won’t tackle the hair loss itself, but may help resolve or lessen the cause, and in turn the symptom.

Another point to consider is that hair loss can be hereditary. If androgenetic alopecia is in the genes on either side of the family, this can be a valid reason for why you are experiencing hair loss.

Thyroid disease is another known cause. If your body does not produce enough, or too much, thyroid hormones, a bout of hair loss may be trigger. This may also affect your skin and nails.

Other possible causes include Lupus, which is when your body’s immune system attacks your healthy tissues; or having an iron deficiency, known as anemia, can also lead to hair loss amongst other things, such as extreme fatigue and regular headaches.

Always consult your doctor if you are suffering from poor health or start to notice hair loss, so that you can address the symptoms and find a resolution for your hair loss problem through other specialist sources, if necessary.

Remedies for Female Hair Loss

Whatever the cause may be, losing your hair can cause great anguish and a loss of self-esteem. Many women, quite understandably, wish to take positive action to resolve the problem and feel normal again.

Lotions and Other Topical Treatments
These can be applied directly to the scalp and may help in some cases. Permanent hair loss, however, requires hair replacement procedures to remedy the situation.

Hair Transplants
Specialists in the field can offer the latest technology and methods such as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP), which are used in combination to treat most cases.

FUE is a hair transplant method that does not require any removal of the scalp, as individual hair follicles are carefully removed from the back of the head (known as the donor area) and subsequently transplanted into the areas of the head where the baldness and hair loss has occurred.

Only hair—no skin—is removed during the process and results have shown that a FUE hair transplant combined with PRP will often give the patient the best possible results after treatment has concluded. This is just one example of private treatment that may be able to save you a substantial amount of money, should you seek treatment at a specialist centre outside of the United Kingdom.

Ozgur Taskaya is the Marketing Manager at Longevita, Turkey’s leading medical travel company. Stay in the loop on the latest health, beauty and wellness breakthroughs on Twitter.

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