Sulfate- and Talc-Free Hair Care for a Naturally Beautiful You

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Sulfate- and Talc-Free Hair Care for a Naturally Beautiful You

Not only should we be aware of what we are putting into our bodies, we should be aware of what we are putting in our naturally beautiful hair!

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September 2017

Women know that the rich color, lushness, volume, silky texture and fragrance of their hair is one of the first things that someone notices about them, but it often seems impossible to find the right product and regimen without breaking the bank or making several trips to the salon. Even a trip to the local beauty store can become overwhelming as you stare at the rows of product with strange words on their labels. Our busy lives are complicated enough without having to decipher what Sodium Xylenesulfonate is! Ironically, when we buy the pretty bottle and put the weird chemical names in our hair hoping to look like the gorgeous model in the TV ad, those hard to pronounce chemicals are what’s standing between us and those luscious locks!

Did you know that sulfates are commonly found in many shampoos and conditioners? Typically serving as foaming agents, sulfates include many harsh chemicals that can irritate the skin, dry the hair follicles, diminish shine, or ruin your blowout.  If you suffer from dry scalp, or conditions such as psoriasis and dermatitis, then you need to be aware that sulfates are oftentimes the culprit for your inflammatory response.   

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The best way to get rid of those harsh chemicals and reduce this skin inflammation is to make sure that your shampoo, conditioner and leave-ins are sulfate free. Luckily, you can rest assured that you can still achieve that beautiful salon look with natural sulfate-free products. 

Silicones are another chemical class that’s frequently found in our hair care products. These compounds give hair a smooth feeling after showing, but over time can build up and make hair feel coarser than hair treated with silicone-free shampoos! Worse still, for those using silicone-based haircare products with dry hair, the silicone buildup can disrupt natural oil and moisture flow, worsening the dry hair problems!

With our lives being so busy, time is always of the essence.  Many of us choose to use those go-to dry shampoo products for the in-between days. While there’s been a major spotlight on sulfate, did you know that talcum powder is just as dangerous? Talcum powder is found in aerosol dry shampoos. Just the inhalation of it can cause long term damaging effects on your lungs, similar those of asbestos deposits.  Scary, right?  Well while none of us like oily looking, limp hair, the act of purposely destroying our health is not an option!  Seek out a talc-free dry shampoo for all hair types to do just the trick!  

Bottom line: if you’re struggling with sensitive skin and scalp, then staying away from harsh chemicals is a must! If you’re worried that it will be harder to attain your hair goals, you can absolutely soothe your scalp and rejuvenate your tresses with natural hair care.  Say hello to beautiful healthy hair and goodbye itchy scalp!  Don’t forget to use a leave-in conditioner after your rinse and repeat. Keep in mind that your follow up is just as important as the first step.  Lock in vitamins and hydration with a natural based hair protection serum for a post wash deep conditioning. It will give your mane a luxurious silky touch!

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