3 Tips to Get Glowing Skin Naturally

By Derma-E
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Every season offers its own set of benefits and challenges to our skin—in summer, it’s the drying sun and breakout-causing sweat, not to mention the deluge of toxins our bodies fight every day. Fortunately, it’s easy to use simple, natural recipes to bolster the brightness and clarity of our complexions. These recipes were provided by the skin experts at Derma-E,  whose extensive line of natural skin care products offers healthy solutions for just about any complexion.

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1.  The get-your-glow-on natural detox drink:

Don’t let the summer heat wreak havoc on you skin.  Keep hydrated, detox, and keep skin clear and glowing with this amazing natural DIY detox water.

Shopping List:

12 mint leaves –  Great for digestion, and adds a fresh crisp taste

1 medium cucumber – Excellent source of hydration, and has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties

1 medium sized lemon – ”The detox queen” with abundant detoxification properties & helps cleanse and neutralize acids in the body

• Cut up cucumber & lemon in thin slices, scrunch up mint leaves, add into pitcher and fill with water
• Refrigerate over-night
• Enjoy in the morning for a refreshing treat that tastes great and keeps skin clear and radiant.

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2. The oh-so-easy charcoal soap

Toxins are everywhere and they have tons of negative effects on our skin.  Neutralize these nasties with this easy to make recipe, which is especially great for oily and acne-prone skin.

Shopping List:

15 drops tea tree essential oil 

1 lb shea butter soap base

5 activated charcoal capsules (buy at your local pharmacy or online)

• Melt shea butter, add tea tree oil & charcoal, mix together, and let cool down.
• Store in a lidded jar for up to two weeks.
•To use, simply massage onto wet face in a circular motion, then rinse.
•Use daily.

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3. Get Your Radiance On

The summer sun can really take its toll on your skin.  The main concern:  it dehydrates, making your complexion oh-so-dull.  This easy handmade mask will help reverse sun damage while adding a radiant glow.

Shopping List:

½ teaspoon finely ground coffee beansrich source of antioxidants, fights free radicals, helps reverse the damage caused by UV rays, and increases your production of collagen.  Wow!

½ teaspoon coconut oilAlso loaded with antioxidants, deeply nourishing to your skin, and naturally antibacterial, making it great for all skin types, especially oily & acne prone skin.

• Mix together and apply to your face using circular motions. 
• Avoid sensitive areas like your eyes, nose and mouth.
• Leave on for at least 15 minutes and up to a full hour.
• Rinse off with warm water and enjoy glowing skin!

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For more great summer detox choices we recommend the DERMA E Purifying collection, with 6 deep detoxing products perfect for naturally drawing out toxins, replenishing nutrients, and restoring radiance.

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