Hot Oil Scalp Treatment

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Hot Oil Scalp Treatment

Brrrrr…  it is cold outside. I think this can be said across the country. Today, in Michigan, we are experiencing -25F temps when windchill is factored in. This kind of cold and the dry heat of a furnace leaves my hair dry and my scalp itchy. When this comes to call, it is time for some pampering with a really simple but super moisturizing oil treatment for my scalp and hair. Store bought olive oil shampoo and conditioners are not going to cut it when you can get great results and control the quality of ingredients by making your own treatment at home.

This oil treatment utilizes olive oil as the main ingredient and here is why… Olive oil is a powerhouse of nutrients. It contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids  and vitamins E and K. These are just waiting to add moisture and goodness back into your scalp and hair. Your hair will drink in this goodness.

Why lemon juice? Lemons offer not only vitamin C, but they offer up some acidity to help with dandruff build up on your scalp. Using some fresh lemon juice whisked in with the other ingredients will help stimulate your scalp and exfoliate  what has built up there.

Tea tree  and peppermint oils, the gateway to essential oil usage. These are in almost everyone’s stash of oils as they should be. In this treatment, the antimicrobial properties of the tea tree oil help to protect your scalp while the peppermint is stimulating. Peppermint can be a “hot” oil that needs to be diluted well before applying directly to your scalp. The olive oil will dilute these essential oils to a therapeutic level.

What you will need:

  • 1/2 Cup of Olive Oil – Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed
  • Juice of 1/2 a Lemon
  • Essential Oils – Tea Tree (5 drops) and Peppermint (5 drops)
  • glass jar
  • Shower cap (optional)

Now what:

In a glass jar, combine your ingredients. Mix well. I use a mason jar and shake it up to incorporate everything. Next, you will want to warm the oil before massaging the mixture onto your scalp. You can do this with a microwave and small 20 second increments or use a water bath to heat the oil in the glass jar. Over heating can cause burns as well as break down the nutrients in the oils making them less effective. Please, be sure to test the temperature on the inside of your arm. You will want this to be warm and pleasant, not hot and burning. Give your hot oil treatment a good shake to distribute the heat as well as keep the ingredients well mixed.

Finally, apply the treatment to your scalp, massaging in the mixture. Massaging helps to stimulate the scalp as well as works with the ingredients to exfoliate. Once your scalp is saturated, you can add the remaining mix to the rest of your hair and let sit for 1/2 an hour before shampooing and conditioning as you usually do. I like to use a shower cap to keep the mess to a minimum as well as let the natural heat from my head work with the hot oil.

This hot oil treatment can be done as often as you want. Everyone has different hair and textures. I have naturally curly hair that can be dry and coarse. This hot oil treatment for me happens once or twice a week all winter long. You will have to try the treatment and see how your hair reacts to the oils then use as needed.

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