Desk Yoga: Seated Leg Exercise (Video)

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Desk Yoga: Seated Leg Exercise (Video)

Improve your flexibility with this simple hip-opening leg exercise.

By Jessica Kellner

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Sitting at a desk all day can harm our posture, and in turn, our health. Join Jessica Kellner, the Editor-in-Chief of Mother Earth Living magazine, for a few minutes of rest and relaxation as she guides you through a new, office-friendly yoga stretch.

Because many leg exercises in yoga require floor work, we haven’t worked the legs much in this Desk Yoga video series. This seated leg exercise can be done while sitting in a chair and is a particularly great stretch for opening up the hips. Many people often don’t notice that this area of our bodies needs a good stretch. But if you run or do other cardiovascular activities, the outside of the hips can get really tight. When doing this stretch, remember that the more you can lift your spine the better this pose will feel. It’s common to be tighter on one side than the other, so make sure to balance this stretch by repeating on both sides.

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Published on Oct 16, 2015

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