Benefits of Meditation and Yoga

Bipin Baloni talks about his personal experience and fascinating journey with yoga and meditation.

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This world is a beautiful place to live in.”

I was not a great believer of this phrase until I fell in love with yoga. As a teenager, everything that I had didn’t appeal to me; every privilege that I enjoyed was out-fashioned. During my high school days, I was so busy watching and following others that I forgot about my own being. Despite being one of the class toppers, I used to be the unhappiest student in my class. Not that my parents were unsupportive or that my classmates didn’t enjoy my company, I was just not satisfied with what was there. My mind happened to be attracted to a number of things at a time, which contributed heavily to my confusion. Many times, I lacked belief in my choices to such an extent that frustration was always on the cards.

Days of Reorientation

“Why don’t you attend yoga classes in the auditorium?” asked the new physical education teacher when I was on the ground, sitting alone during recess.

I was not very fond of meditation and yoga including all these spiritual things. For the last few days, I had been bunking off the yoga period, for these asanas were all ‘Greek’ to me. The new teacher talked to me in an astonishingly motivated way and insisted I join him in the basic level class. The very next day, I set my foot in the auditorium block-3 for the practice. I still remember how beautifully the session began with a couple of mantras — a deeper A-U-M chanting followed by the Gayatri Mantra. We practiced meditation and a couple of simple asanas. The class was over in no time, it seemed. It was the very first time that I really enjoyed doing yoga. Days went on and the yoga practice, too. Although I was not able to discern any change, my teachers didn’t miss the attitude amendment in me. In just a couple of months, I could also see various transformations in my behavior as I began relishing my engagement with my class fellows.

Meditating for a long time had an amazing impact on my mental composure. I could visualize things from a different perspective. My notebooks were no more the only friend of mine. Entry into the next level of yoga exercise instilled a good amount of faith in my abilities. Now, I could kick the soccer ball with confidence into the net. Taking part in every speech competition and speaking in front of more than 2000 students of the school was a positive transformation that really upped my confidence. And I would clearly credit Yoga asanas, meditation, and of course the PE teacher for all these.

Yoga for Personal Development

When I landed in college, I was internally strong enough to adapt to the new environment and people. Although I was not in regular touch with yoga, science had taught me numerous lessons to enjoy challenging moments as well. College life was a whole new world. The real test of your life begins here. It’s a platform to get prepared for the rest of your career. During this time, I decided to embrace the beauty of Yoga at the home. YouTube used to be my teacher and believe me, it was so amazing! Days went by and eventually my mommy, sister, and daddy all joined me in my yoga practice. I must credit yoga for bringing harmony to my life and family. Enjoying yoga with people who care for you gave rise to a sense of responsibility in me. I also went through the philosophical aspect of Vedic science and it was influential in guiding me on the path of positivity. The spiritual elements of the yogic discipline were of extreme importance in helping me maintain a balance between study and personal fitness.

Meditation and Life’s Goals

The world, which we are living in is immensely challenging. There is no time to wait and think. After completing college and university-level education, I am enjoying my life adoring the delight of this globe, all thanks to yoga and meditation while many of my friends are still struggling to get a clear picture of their future. With the mindful practice, I am enjoying mental clarity. Yoga gave me an enormous outlook of the world and Meditation taught me how to remain focused even in turbulent situations. Every time I feel exhausted the practice of deep breathing (pranayama) places me in a zone of exuberance. As a writer, one needs clarity of thoughts and inspiration, both of which I enjoy in the company of meditation.

The story of how yoga and meditation have assisted me throughout my presence on this planet can go endless. I have still not talked about my astonishing physical fitness, which marks the core of one’s mental and emotional health. I can just say one thing that yoga taught me to love this world, which is extremely beautiful, and celebrate every moment that I live.

Bipin Baloni is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and Traveller in India. He organizes 200 hour yoga teacher training in Nepal. Bipin Baloni conducts Yoga Teacher Training in India in different cities. He loves writing and reading books related to yoga, health, nature, and the Himalayas. 

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