How to Make a Ginger Compress

Reader Contribution by Mother Earth Living Staff

Achy muscles plague all of us from time to time, whether from menstrual discomfort, the flu or even something as simple as overdoing a workout. In times like these, it might be tempting to reach for a bottle of over-the-counter painkillers—but don’t! OTC painkillers have a variety of negative side effects, and in many cases, natural remedies can work just as well. One herb in particular that works well for pain is ginger. Ginger has warming properties that can help increase circulation and relax sore muscles. A 2009 study found ginger to be as effective as ibuprofen as relieving menstrual pain.

For back strains, sprains and bruises, a ginger compress works wonders at relieving pain—and is also easy to make. Check out the video above to watch Mother Earth Living Editor-in-Chief Jessica Kellner demonstrate how to make a ginger compress.

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