New Heal Everything Balm from Miracle Skin Transformer

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Launching October 2011, new Heal Everything Balm from Miracle Skin Transformer works fast to soothe burns, cuts, bug bites, and other minor skin irritations. Price: $24.00 

Ingredients & Benefits


1. Blue Mountain Sage Oil is a fresh camphoric sensation that provides instant comfort to skin.  

2.Tamanu Oil is an eco-certified Polynesian oil obtained from the nuts of the dried fruit of the Tamanu (sacred tree) of French Polynesia. It is rich in oleic acid/ Linoleic Acid. It is traditionally used for its wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Chamomile Butter is a traditional, aromatic herbal butter to help soothe the skin.

4. ANTIDERM complex is filled with natural ingredients and has an effective emollient and protective action that helps with the reduction of inflammatory process.

• Maximum relief for reddened skin.

• Clinical studies show improved hydration of over 39% immediately within 15 minutes.

• Immediate de-reddening by 10% once balm is applied.


1. Organic Palm Butter is a super hydrator to soothe skin after exposure to sun and other hash elements.

2. Monoi and Moringa butter is a soft, velvety butter-like balm that adds excellent hydration properties to help soothes dry patches.


1. Manuka Honey originated in New Zealand has specific properties that contain antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.  These benefits can be used to fight infection, speed the healing process.

2. Evening Primrose Oil is an extremely high gamma-linolenic acid which is essential fatty acids designed for protection skin against environmental stresses and helping with the healing process.  Used highly for eczema, dermatitis and in calming acne flare ups.

3. HYDROCORTIZONE NATURAL ALTERNATIVE – Derived from Japanese Licorice Roots which reduces inflammation in less than five minutes upon application.

• During the process of soothing, it is repairing inflammatory cells and blood vessels. 
• Protector of Hylauronic Acid
• Helps with pain, itchiness and redness.

4.HYDROLYZED ALGIN – multiple sources of aggression and stress

• Increases skin’s defenses
• Wound healing properties
• Anti-histaminic

Heal Everything Balm is free of:

• Fragrance
• Parabens
• Not tested on Animals 
• Glycol Free   
• Talc 

Heal Everything Balm Contains:

• Natural Ingredients of Plant and Vegetables
• Proprietary Miracle Complex
• Globally Approved Formula

Available October 1st 2011 via Bergdorf Goodman in New York, Sephora stores nationwide, plus,, and

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