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With age comes wisdom and maturity. This is true of the mind as well as the skin. John Masters Organics is there to support skin through the aging process, giving it the care and nourishment it deserves with three luxe moisturizing products.

Pomegranate Facial Nourishing Oil

More than a moisturizer, this blend of 14 organic plant and essential oils instantly penetrates and nourishes dry, mature skin. Can be used alone or added to any facial moisturizer for an extra boost of hydration. (Retail price: $30, 2 fl. oz)

pomegranate seed oil – removes sebum and product buildup on hair shaft

evening primrose oil – anti-inflammatory

rosewood oil – naturally rejuvenates dry, dull skin

sage – acts as a cellular stimulant

olive oil – high in antioxidants; binds moisture to the skin; humectant

geranium oil – balances oily and dry skin; stimulates blood circulation and calms irritation

Mandarin Maximum Moisture Treatment

This extraordinarily effective moisturizer instantly bonds with the skin to provide immediate revitalization. Japanese satsuma mandarin extract lightens skin and reduces sunspots, while glycoproteins stimulate cell growth for long-term reversal of damage caused by aging and environmental pollution. (Retail price: $48, 1 fl. oz)

mandarin extract – reduces pigmentation of age spots; lightens skin creating luminescence

glycoproteins – derived from potato, stimulate remarkable cell growth, resulting in younger-looking skin

xylitylglucoside (wheat derived) – dramatically increases the water content of the skin; helps skin to retain water

cetearyl olivate/sorbitan olivate – olive-based emollients penetrate and richly hydrate, helping skin retain moisture without clogging pores

aspen bark – new all-natural preservative derived from the aspen tree; protects against harmful bacteria

Calendula Hydrating & Toning Mask

Formulated specifically for dry and/or mature skin, this nutrient-rich, super-hydrating mask helps keep the skin oxygenated, protects against free radical damage, regenerates collagen and balances the production of sebum – all without the use of heavy waxes or excessive oil. Made with calendula, shea butter and aloe vera gel, this mask moisturizes in all the right places. (Retail price: $26, 2 oz)

calendula – antiseptic; antibacterial; healing properties

shea butter – hydrating

rice – softens and heals while helping to prevent wrinkles

aloe vera gel – anti-inflammatory; moisturizing

aspen bark – new all-natural preservative derived from the aspen tree; protects against harmful bacteria

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