All About Hydrosols

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All About Hydrosols

Hydrosols, said to be “the quiet revolution in herbal medicine,” are a combination of both aromatherapy and herbalism. These aromatic waters are created by steam-distilling plant materials. The final product is safer and more sustainable than essential oils and something you can make in your own home if you don’t want to buy them. Regardless of whether you purchase or create your hydrosols, you can use them for cooking, cleaning, and healing, enjoying their scents and therapeutic benefits.

Read more about hydrosols, use them into recipes, listen to our podcasts, watch videos, and enjoy incorporating these aromatic waters into your health and wellness routines.

Articles About Hydrosols

Hydrosols: Where Aromatherapy and Herbalism Meet

Learn the basics of hydrosols, what plants perform well as aromatic waters, and how to distill them from your own home.
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 Hydrosols: Steam-Distilled Floral Waters

Learn how to transform homegrown plants into aromatic waters fit for royalty with a few simple steps.
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How to Making Hydrosols on the Stovetop

Learn how to use a simple stovetop method to make fragrant rose water that can be used for a refreshing spritz on a hot day.
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Recipes That Feature Hydrosols

Douglas Fir Cocktail Recipe

Craft an energizing and uplifting cocktail with the aid of a Douglas fir hydrosol.
Get the recipe.


Rosemary’s Perfect Homemade Face Cream

Add hydrosols to your homemade beauty collection with this simple recipe.
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Podcasts & Videos

Hydrosols Podcast with Liz Fulcher

Learn all about hydrosols: what sets them apart from oils, how to make them, and how to use them!
Listen now.

Distilling Hydrosols and Essential Oils

Join Liz and James Fulcher as they demonstrate how to distill hydrosols, and provide tips on the extraction processes for both hydrosols and essential oils.
Watch now.

Distilling Hydrosols with Hannah Kincaid

Join Mother Earth Living’s Editor-in-Chief as she explains the basic setup instructions and distillation tips for making steam-distilled hydrosols.
Watch now.

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