Truly Clean Cleaners

The following furniture cleaners rated an “A” grade from the Environmental Working Group:

Earth Friendly Products stain remover

Earth Friendly Products Everyday Stain & Odor Remover

To Buy: 3 dollars for a 22-oz. bottle

Babyganics stain eraser

Babyganics Fragrance-Free Stain Eraser

To Buy: 5 dollars for a 2-oz. bottle

Buggylove stain remover

BuggyLOVE Organic No-Wash Stain Remover

To Buy: 10 dollars for a 4-oz. bottle

Truce wood cleaner

Truce Wood Cleaner

To Buy: 8 dollars for a 16-oz. container

LA's Totally Awesome power oxygen base cleaner

LA’s Totally Awesome Power Oxygen Base Cleaner

To Buy: 6 dollars for a 16-oz. container

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