Healthy Holiday Recipes

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These healthy holiday recipes will make your seasonal celebration special.

Holiday food doesn’t have to be heavy to be delicious, try these healthy holiday recipes to see for yourself.

Healthy Holiday Feast Recipes

Holiday Vegetable Pie Recipe
Creamy Spinach Soup Recipe
Lemon-Basil Salmon Recipe
Cranberry Orange Relish Recipe
Digestive Chai Tea Recipe
Ambrosia Dessert Recipe

During the busy holiday season, do you have
trouble remembering to swallow your vitamins regularly? Feel guilty
about not incorporating all of the vegetables and other foods that
experts recommend for optimum health into your diet? Are you of the
opinion that French fries with ketchup count for two vegetable
servings? Not to worry. You can still get all of the vitamins,
antioxidants, minerals, and enzymes your body requires for good
health during the holiday season—a time when many of us worry about
all of the added sugar and fat we’re eating.

Scientists have found some of the most potent health-promoting
chemicals in fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and beans,
seeds and nuts, and fresh oils such as olive oil. Onions, garlic,
mustard-family members (such as cabbage and broccoli), and all
green leafy vegetables are veritable natural pharmacies with no
side effects. Unless, of course, you overeat because you get
carried away by all of the fantastic flavors and aromas!

The holiday recipes linked at the top of this article give you the gain of
superlative and highly healthful nutrition without the pain of
overly rich, heavy food. The ingredients used are full of potent
healing compounds such as antioxidants, immune-activators, and
special nutrients that help the body’s cells remain cancer-free,
protect the cardiovascular system, and help keep us healthy into
old age. Of additional benefit is the fact that these delicious healthy holiday recipes
are not high in calories—a big issue during this stressful
time of year, when holiday sweets are almost impossible to avoid.
So why not celebrate this holiday season with family and friends by
serving up healthy dishes with a big helping of nutrition?

Lutein, the Latest and Greatest Carotenoid

New studies show that lutein, a carotenoid related to
beta-carotene, has potent cancer-fighting effects and can help
protect the eyes from macular degeneration and other ailments. Good
sources of lutein include all green leafy vegetables (such as kale,
collards, and spinach), romaine lettuce, and leeks.

Christopher Hobbs, L.Ac., A.H.G. is an herbalist and botanist
with more than thirty years of experience with medicinal herbs.
Beth Baugh has been integrating medicinal herbs into natural foods
cuisine for more than twenty years.

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