Ambrosia Dessert Recipe

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This Ambrosia Dessert recipe will keep you healthy while celebrating the holiday season.

Try this Ambrosia Dessert recipe as a part of a healthy holiday meal.

Ambrosia Dessert Recipe

This recipe tastes as good as it sounds and is a wonderfully
healthy, delicious holiday dessert. The pecans are
cardiovascular-friendly, the oranges are high in vitamin C, and the
coconut contains calcium. This light dessert is the perfect way to
clean your palate after a holiday meal.

• 6 to 9 cups orange sections
• 1 cup grated coconut, fresh or dried
• Honey, Sucanat, or sugar to taste
• 1 cup chopped pecans

1. Working over a large bowl (to catch the juices), peel the
oranges, using a knife to cut away the white membrane on the outer
edge of the orange. For more health benefits, leave some of the
white “rag” on the sections—it’s a good source of bioflavonoids.

2. Place the orange sections in a bowl along with any juices. Add the
grated coconut (if you use dried coconut, it will absorb some of
the orange juice) and your choice of sweetener. Stir the mixture
and refrigerate. Add the pecans before serving. Serves 6.

Christopher Hobbs, L.Ac., A.H.G. is an herbalist and botanist
with more than thirty years of experience with medicinal herbs.
Beth Baugh has been integrating medicinal herbs into natural foods
cuisine for more than twenty years.

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