Discovering Peanut Butter Fruit (Bunchosia argentea)

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Peanut butter is probably one of my favorite foods on sandwiches and crackers. Did you know that you can grow a peanut butter fruit right from your home? This fruit (Bunchosia argentea) originated in South America. It has a hint of peanut butter flavor, and produces bright, yellow blossoms that will develop into a 1-inch oval fruit (about the size of a large olive). The peanut butter plant will go through several blooming cycles from March until October; the fruiting season is summer to fall. It is best maintained in a 12- to 14-inch pot and needs warmth and sun. Usually two fruits per flower stem develop.

Ripening happens quickly with the peanut butter plant. In a matter of days, the fruit will turn red and soft. There is sticky, sweet pulp in the fruit that has a hint of peanut butter in it. 

Add the peanut butter fruit plant to your fruit garden this spring.
Photo by Asit K. Ghosh Thaumaturgist/Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

The minimum indoor temperature for a peanut butter plant is 40 degrees. When fertilizing the plant make sure to apply a balanced fertilizer throughout the growing season. If you decide to grow it, make sure to watch out for aphids and spider mites. These are pests that could be a potential problem.

What do you think about this unique fruit garden plant? Let me know your thoughts. 

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