Ayurveda Summer Practices & 5 Ayurvedic Summer Fruits

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It’s summer time! Ayurveda calls the summer season as ‘Grishma Ritu’. As the sun rays become more powerful, the body feels as if squeezed with increasing atmospheric temperature. This in turn weakens the Kapha, day-by-day, and strengthens Vata.

Ayurveda is called the science of life because it gives great importance to the preventive aspects of health. If you notice the ancient classical textbooks on Ayurveda, the initial chapters have been devoted to the daily and seasonal regimens.

What Ayurveda has to say about summer?

  • Salt, sour, and pungent tastes should be avoided
  • Rigorous exercises and too much exposure to sunlight should be avoided
  • Preference should be given to sweet tastes
  • The food should be light, unctuous, and cool in properties
  • Cold water should be used for taking shower
  • Intake of alcoholic beverages should be limited or forbidden
  • Diet should include white rice, watery meat soups, water flavored with camphor powder or trumpet flower, churned spicy yogurt, milk, leafy vegetables, and seasonal fruits

What are the ideal fruits for summer?

  1. Mango: As per Ayurveda, ripe mango pacifiesVata, is sweet and sour in taste and increases Kapha and Virility.
  2. Grapes: Ayurveda considers grapes as the best among fruits. It is aphrodisiac, improves vision, and keeps the bowels clear. The sweet taste makes it ideal for summer season. It has light, unctuous, and cold in properties. It pacifies Vata and cures bleeding disorders, bitter taste of mouth, cough, fever, alcoholic intoxication, and emaciation.
  3. Pomegranate: It is sweet in taste and pacifies tridoshas—Vata, Pitta and Kapha. They are stomachic, light, unctuous, constipative, appetizer, and carminative in action.
  4. Watermelon: This summer favorite is extremely hydrating and best suited for season. It cools the body and pacifies. It should not be combined with any other food items and is better to be eaten alone.
  5. Plums: They are sour in taste, vitiate Pitta and Kapha. It pacifies Vata and is a laxative. In addition, plums are powerhouses of nutrients and cures digestive problems.

Fruits are summer super fruits and are healthy for digestion and assimilation. Fully ripened, fresh fruits appropriate to the season can act as nectar. As per Ayurveda, fruits with the above mentioned qualities get immediately digested and converted to Rasa (one among the seven tissues). These fruits also increase the Ojas (energy and vitality) and provide immunity. Remember to go for organic fruits from your local market whenever possible.

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