Simple, Post-Holiday Detox

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Holidays are all fun and games until someone comes home with a few extra pounds, and it’s easy to understand how we end up with the gift we never asked for. No matter how hard you try to maintain portion control, holiday meals are loaded with carbs, fats, sugars and salt that you might usually forego in your diet. All of these indulgences can leave you feeling bloated and tired, as well as a little guilty.

Most Americans gain 1-2 pounds during the holiday season—from Halloween to New Year’s—with the bulk of weight gain occurring around Christmas, so you’re not alone. Rather than turning your holiday remorse into a resolution to lose weight in the coming year, try shedding the pounds with a few simple daily detox practices.

Drink Plenty of Fluids

Start your morning with a full glass of water, hot tea or hot lemon water to help rehydrate and flush toxins from your system, along with reducing any bloating. Throughout the day, continue to drink plenty of water or tea with the goal of drinking 64-100 ounces.

Healthy Breakfast

After you’ve had your morning glass of water, cup of tea or lemon water, follow it with a breakfast that supports healthy digestion. Oatmeal, a natural diuretic, is a light yet filling option that will help reduce bloat even further.

Have a Hot Lunch

More specifically, have a hearty soup for lunch for a few days after holiday eating. Choose a low-glycemic recipe, such as lentil, tomato or miso soup, to curb sugar cravings. Soups will also give your stomach and intestines a break from hard-to-digest foods.

Aside from these simple ideas, choose nutrient-dense and fiber-rich foods for all of your meals. Consider eliminating unhealthy snacks from your own kitchen to further reduce temptation. If you’re a grazer, replace them with fresh fruits, veggies, yogurts and nuts to ensure you have plenty of healthful options to choose from.

Shedding post-holiday weight doesn’t have to be painful or difficult. A few simple ingredients, most of which you may already have in your kitchen, can be combined to create this simple post-holiday detox plan. Now you can make your New Year’s resolution something much more exciting than losing weight!

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