Natural Remedies for Treating Restless Leg Syndrome

This post discusses the problem of restless leg syndrome and provides tips on natural ways to treat your restless leg!

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Restless leg syndrome, or Willis-Ekbom disease, is a neurological disorder that causes people to have uncomfortable sensations in their legs. Someone with this disorder may feel tingling or crawling feelings in their legs. They may feel they have to move their legs constantly, especially when getting relaxed or trying to fall asleep. This is a problem because it often interferes with the ability to get quality sleep. Most people with restless leg syndrome deal with chronic fatigue and tiredness; they can’t ever seem to have enough energy. Restless leg syndrome can lead to depression in some people as well, due to the lack of sleep.

Changing Your Habits

One of the best natural remedies for treating restless leg syndrome is changing your habits. If you are smoking, drinking alcohol, or consuming a lot of caffeine, this could be causing your symptoms to get worse. If you start to limit your intake of alcohol and caffeine and quit smoking, this could help to reduce your symptoms. If you need help limiting your intake of alcohol, you can get treatment for that as well.

Tight Clothing

While not much research is available to prove that tight clothing aggravates symptoms of restless leg syndrome, it may be something to consider. There have been some patients who have stated that wearing tight clothing to bed makes their symptoms worse. When they wear loose fitting clothing, it reduces some of their symptoms. This may be something you want to test out to see if it makes any difference for you.

Sleep Schedule

If you have restless leg syndrome, it is recommended that you get into the best sleep schedule you can. People who have a difficult time sleeping need to have good sleep routines. Without those routines, you may be losing even more sleep. You should try to get in bed and get up at the same time every day. The room you sleep in should be dark, quiet, and cool. There shouldn’t be any electronic distractions. Creating better sleep habits may not reduce symptoms that much, however, it could help you get more and higher quality sleep. If you are having difficult getting into a regular sleep schedule you can always consult your family doctor.

Exercise Routines

If you have mild to moderate restless leg syndrome it might be helpful to create and stick to an exercise routine. Exercise could help you feel better if you have this disorder. Some restless leg syndrome patients who exercise regularly say they have a reduction in symptoms and they sleep better. Not only that, but exercising regularly, can put you into a better state of mind, which can help you feel better throughout the day and feel less tired. Yoga, stretching, and walking are all some examples of what to put in your exercise routine.

If you have restless leg syndrome, these are some of the natural remedies that might help reduce the symptoms. If they don’t all help reduce your symptoms, they may possibly help you sleep better. Talk to your doctor and see if these are things that might help treat your restless leg syndrome.

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