Herbal Hair Care: The Guinea Pig Report

Here at Interweave Press, we now have more redheads than usual. We hennaed.

Barb, who has always had red hair, is now a fiery copper-top whose curls draw a smile from across the room. She used a copper shade, and at first she didn’t seem to appreciate the intensity of the color. But while digging through old photographs she realized that this vivid red is close to the natural color she had when she was younger. We think she’ll like it once she calms down and stops shopping for hats. Kathleen put strawberry blond on top of her light brown hair. The difference was slight–about like turning on an orange light nearby–but it was enough to make her feel a bit daring. And SarahJean is positively frisky these days. Using the pure red henna over her long, light brown hair, she ended up with bright and buoyant red curls. She has been reported rearranging furniture and exhibiting other uncharacteristic behavior.

Linda and Nancy tried the neutral henna and felt a little cheated because, despite the time and mess they devoted to it, the effects were hardly noticeable. As the package said, the product was colorless. The conditioning it delivered wasn’t worth the effort.

The verdict, at least among the redheads, is that henna is plenty of fun. We’re debating which shades to try next.

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