Spring Beauty Products for 2017

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Spring is my favorite season. A Mother’s Day Baby, I was born in May and I adore everything about the season of REBIRTH. Flowers both wild and domestic, after a long season of cold, dark winter, emerge from Mother Earth reaching fresh, precious faces towards father sun and mother moon. And we like the flowers, all shapes, sizes, and colors emerge from the womb of winter as well. So beautiful!

CELLULAR TURNOVER, FRESH NEW SKIN at any age, and SMILE LINES are on my mind and in my heart!  So here are 4 SUSTAINABLE SPRING BEE-AUTY PICKS to help us polish our pretty petals and emerge as glorious as the flowers. All Products and Companies are clean, sustainable and powerfully plant based.

Khus Khus SURYA BODY POLISH with Mimosa, Neroil, Red Mandarin, Benzoin, Argan, Coconut, Babasu oils, & Bolivian Pink Salt stimulates cellular turnover, creating healthy new cells, while smelling like an alluring tropical oasis. It also stimulates lymph to drain, reduce + eliminate toxins, promotes muscle relaxation, balances PH and e-mineralizes the skin.

Kristi Blustein, Ayurvedic Specialist and founder/creator of Khus Khus Modern Herbal Fusion says, “When we think about our skin (issues) we think it’s surface related most times, because that is what is reflected outward, but in reality (skin is) a reflection of internal health and balance and in this sense nothing compares to plants when it comes to supporting internal maintenance of the body and mind. They are our support system for true in depth healing…. Health begins with the mind and is then translated within the body and then reflected in the manifestation of skin health. Which is what KHUS+KHUS was created for, the maintenance and balance of deeper skin health”.

Para New York– Jasmine Sandalwood Tonic Mist with Silver Hydrosol and Ylang Ylang has become one of my spring staples. I use it liberally to freshen after workouts and counseling shifts at the teen mom shelter. Featuring Silver Hydrosol’s anti-bacterial abilities to keep breakouts at bay and skin soothing Vanilla, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang, superb mood enhancers for when you need a little TLC.  It’s hydrating and calming, anti bacterial and aromatically on point.

Maya Chia HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY Illuminating Face Serum is not like any makeup you’ve ever tried. I never use face makeup because it feels stifling to my skin but this gal is ….different. The plant based highlighter adds a nice soft glow without looking or feeling makeup-y. It’s got broccoli and calendula in a nutritious chia seed oil base. Feels nice, not heavy or sticky. It’s moisturizing and blends easily with your favorite face balm or lotion.

Spring Beauty wouldn’t be complete without a lip pick! Jane Iredale Pure Moist Lipsticks add just the right amount of color for those of us who don’t use a ton of makeup and drench lips in moisture so you don’t have to re apply often. Star plant ingredients in this luxurious lipstick include Moringa Butter, Avocado and Sunflower Oils, and Coffee Seed Extract. The Pure Moist Lipstick line also features Vitamin A and C for daily antioxidant protection that really makes a difference with long-term use. Lips feel protected, luxurious, conditioned and quenched.

Shar Veda, Southern Oregon’s Premier Alternative Therapist, offers deep healing through loving touch and compassionate counsel. She is an Ayurveda Lifestyle Counselor & Health Educator, yoga therapist and herbalist. Shar has been blessed to study with leading teachers in Ayurveda, Yoga, and herbalism for 20 years. However, it was her adopted grandma, Doe (English-American and Blackfoot Native), who instilled within her profound appreciation for the supreme power of loving touch, healing arts, and world family. 
Visit her website for a video, full bio, and photos or find her on Facebook and Instagram!


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