10 Refreshing Herbs for Rejuvenating Skin This New Year

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The world of cosmetics has been blown way out of proportion. There are so many options it can be confusing on where to even begin when you’re looking for a new product and no Herbs that could potentially be helpful to your skin.  Not to mention how different each person is, they have a unique skin texture and dynamic, it can be very had to choose a product with confidence.

Also, many people do more harm to their skin when they choose to use chemical-rich products in hopes that they will work for their skin, which this is anything but the case.  It’s very important that you begin to pay attention to the ingredients in the products you buy, because they can actually make your skin worse over time, making you feel like you need to buy more of the product.

With all the top moisturizers on the market right now and all their claimed benefits that might work for some, it sure is hard to resist using a product that makes all these products in just one step.  The convenience, the simplicity, it makes it all very appealing to add that kind of product to your skincare routine.

In this article, we’ll be discussing why you should make the switch to go natural and what herbs you should include in your skincare routine based on the properties they will provide your skin with.  Let’s get started!

Why Go Natural?

Whether you’re looking for the best anti-aging tips or just looking for something that will make your skin actually feel fresh, we’ve got you covered with the list below, but in the meantime let’s go over why you should go natural in the first place!

When you use traditional skincare products, they are often full of chemicals that you’re exposing yourself to.  Generally, they are filled with phthalates or parabens, which can make it very hard to reproduce, as well as a much higher risk of having cancer.

If that isn’t enough reason to switch to a more uniquely tailored organic beauty routine that works for you, we don’t know what is!

What Should I Look For?

It’s important to find what works for you specifically.  You shouldn’t follow someone else’s unique beauty routine and assume that you’re going to have the same results.  Our skin is the largest organ of our bodies, it’s tough, but it needs care too.

Look for herbs that we have below that specifically discuss issues that you have with your own skin.  From there you’ll have a better idea of what you need to look for when you look at natural beauty products and what these products should contain.


Chamomile has a ton of unique benefits that make it number one on this list.  Most of the benefits that you can find when using chamomile for your skin usually revolves around the benefits it has to offer specifically for skin.

Chamomile is most known for its aid in anti-aging products. But when you use the herb on its own or with a moisturizer you’re getting direct and chemical free help to encourage the prevention of aging and wrinkles.

This natural herb can also be used to help cool your face if you have puffy under eyes or irritated skin.  It has many anti-inflammatory properties that you can take advantage of by placing chamomile tea on your face, almost like a face wash or tonic.

If you’re really unsure of what your skin needs, because of the wide variety of benefits from chamomile, we would suggest trying this herb first in your skincare journey!

2.Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is one of the most popular options for organic skincare and is a great option if once again you’re a bit unsure of what you need for your skin at the moment.

Many people have used aloe vera as a sort of toner before applying makeup since it works to keep your face primed and moisturized without excess oil.  But also many people have used it to fight against acne as well.

Of course, there are other benefits you probably knew about, but it can also be used to reduce sunburns and to help heal small cuts, almost like a natural Neosporin.

Just apply a small amount on your fingers and run the gel onto your skin for a fresh glow before you apply makeup, so you can reap the natural benefits all day!

3. Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel is from the leaves of a unique type of bark in North America.  This herb is most known for its benefits when it comes to acne relief.  Many people swear that this herb has helped their acne in many ways and that it can prevent future acne from occurring as well.

It has been also used to clear away extra oil from your face without drying out your skin. Some other benefits it can provide is tighter more youthful skin and less noticeable dark circles under your eyes.


Lavender is usually most known for how soothing its scent is.  Used often in aromatherapy, lavender is a major player when it comes to healthy skin.  From healing wounds to preventing aging, this herb has many different uses that can come in handy.

Applying a mix of lavender tea or organic lavender cream on your skin can help rid your skin of scar tissue, acne problems, as well as unbalanced skin.  There are many benefits of using Lavender and they all are helpful and should be taken advantage of!


Calendula is usually known as a daisy, it contains anti-inflammatory properties that make it perfect for healing wounds, damaged skin, and acne scars.  Apply this product daily if you want to have smoother skin that looks youthful and healthy!

6. Burdock

Burdock is usually used to help acne.  Instead of actually applying this herb to your skin, you actually have to eat it to gain the healing benefits.  All you have to do is slice them and stir fry the roots with a sauce of your choice, or you can even choose to have them raw on top of a salad. There are so many options to choose!

7. Bay Leaves

Bay leaves contain a number of amazing cures, such as curing dandruff and even helping hair grow!  But you can also add bay leaves to your bath to steam your skin and provide your skin with a natural amount of moisture, including your face.  This is very helpful in the winter when skin tends to be dryer!

8.Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola is generally used to speed up the natural collagen in your skin, so your skin is firm and looks younger for a period of time.  Just grind the herb together and add a bit of water and apply the amount needed on your problem areas.

This herb can also be used to help disguise varicose veins!

9. Nettle

While nettle is naturally used to make your hair thicker, it can also be steeped in warm water for about 15 minutes and can be used as a facial steam to help open and unclog pores.  If you do this once a week, you’ll find that your skin is hydrated and smooth!

Just be cautious when you harvest nettle, we suggest that you use gloves so you don’t get stung!


Because of the high amount of antioxidants that cinnamon contains, it’s very beneficial to use in any food you might have, such as baked goods, teas, coffees, fruit, you name it!  It goes well with anything and it can also help revive your skin when a decent amount is introduced into your diet!  Plus it’s delicious.


Overall, we hope this list has provided you with some direction when it comes to natural skincare choices!  It’s so important to care for our skin care with natural ingredients because if we don’t we might just be making it worse than it was, to begin with!

From Skin hyperpigmentation to hydrating the dry skin, we’ve got it all covered here, so you can have a natural and healthy skincare routine that works for you! Most of the thing is present in your kitchen only, have a look at the kitchen pro for more.

What herbs will you be using in your skincare routine?

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