Body & Soul: Simple Eye-Care Tips

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• Never pull or drag the skin around the eyes when applying or removing makeup.
• Use the bare minimum of products on your eyes, and stick to natural products.
• Never use toner on the eyes; splash your eyes with cold water post-cleansing.
• Don’t use an excessive amount of rich creams around the eye area.
• Go for a flattering eyebrow shape by removing stray hairs below the brow line.
• Cold milk will keep your eyes bright. Apply to eyelids with a clean cotton pad.
• Always wear sunglasses in bright sun.
• Get plenty of rest and eat healthfully.
• Don’t smoke. If you smoke now, quit.

For travel: Assemble the perfect kit made up of three items: lavender essential oil, peppermint essential oil, and sweet almond oil plus a few drops of vitamin E oil.

1. The lavender essential oil is for relaxing (especially useful when changing time zones). You can sprinkle on your pillow or in a warm tub.
2. Use peppermint oil for an energizing boost. A few drops in the tub or after your shower can work wonders.
3. A small bottle of sweet almond oil with a few drops of vitamin E oil added can treat and moisturize the under-eye area during travel and at night.

Janice Cox is the author of Natural Beauty at Home (Henry Holt, 2002). For more recipes and ideas, visit her website

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