Body & Soul: Best Baby Rash Salve

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A friend was reluctant to go out for our day on the town when I was visiting her because her baby had severe diaper rash. The rash had blistered and looked in danger of becoming infected. I pulled out my jar of salve and left it with the babysitter with instructions to apply it whenever she changed the baby’s diaper. When we returned to my friend’s home, traces of the blisters were barely visible.

• 2 parts calendula
• 2 parts chickweed
• 1 part usnea
• 1 part comfrey leaf
• 1 part comfrey root
• 1 part nettle
• Lavender essential oil

Infuse this blend of herbs into olive oil using the method for oil and salve on pages 54-55. Add 1 teaspoon of lavender essential oil to each cup of liquid salve before pouring into jars to harden. Label and store jars in a cool place.

Adapted with permission from Earth Mother Herbal (Fair Winds, 2002) by Shatoiya de la Tour.

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