Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

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This Coconut Oil Hair Treatment leaves your hair silky and smooth.

Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

Try using healthy fats for beauty with this rich hair treatment.

• 2 tablespoons coconut oil
• 2 tablespoons raw honey
• 1 large egg yolk

1. If coconut oil is solid, warm it over low heat until it melts.

2. Remove from heat and whisk in honey—it may take a minute or two of whisking to get ingredients to combine.

3. In a bowl, separate egg yolk from white (or you can use the whole egg if you prefer).

4. Gently whisk egg yolk, then slowly add in coconut oil and honey mixture. Whisk until thoroughly combined.

5. To use: Apply to dry hair. Massage into hair and scalp. It is helpful to have someone help you get your entire scalp covered, if you can find a willing party. Plus, it always feels good to have someone else massage your scalp, so it will be like a mini spa getaway!

6. Cover hair with a shower cap and leave on as long as you can—overnight if you’re willing. Every so often, you can squish your hair around through the shower cap if you’d like. If you sleep with this mixture in your hair, cover your pillow with an old towel in case some leaks out.

7. When you’re ready to wash it out, rinse with warm water until everything is removed. It’s best to avoid shampooing, but if you feel like your hair is still too oily, you can use a gentle shampoo.

8. Dry and style as normal.

Coconut Oil Hair Treatment recipe reprinted with permission from the blog Delicious Obsessions.

For more on the anti-aging health and beauty benefits of coconut oil and other healthy fats, read the original article, Naturally Young: Anti-Aging Foods and Herbs.

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