Product of the Week: Marcal Small Steps Recycled Bath Tissue

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Marcal Small Steps recycled bath tissue is made from 100 percent recycled paper.

Some household paper products are almost impossible to avoid. You can clean with rags instead of paper towels or wipe your hands with cloth napkins instead of paper, but chances are you’ll never truly eliminate one paper product from your home: toilet paper. Don’t sacrifice your green ethics for toilet paper! Give your tush a little cush with 100 percent recycled bath tissue from Marcal Small Steps.

Since 1950 Marcal Small Steps has been collecting paper from neighborhood curbs, office building recycling baskets and unwanted junk mail and printer’s waste to create traditional household paper products with an eco-friendly twist. Each year the company takes in 200,000 tons of recyclable paper and churns out more than 12 million cases of recycled paper products. All of Marcal Small Steps’ products, including its bath tissue, are made with 100 percent recycled paper. The paper products contain no added fragrances or dyes and are whitened without using chlorine bleaching, resulting in a hypoallergenic product.

Americans have grown fond of using super-soft toilet paper, but this trend is killing millions of trees in North and Latin America, including some old-growth forests in Canada, as the fiber from still-living trees is crucial in supplying softness. Marcal Small Steps recycled content toilet paper may not be as soft as some of the fancier brands, but it’s certainly durable enough to get the job done–and it does so without sacrificing virgin forests.

Marcal Small Steps’ name is inspired by small changes that can make a big difference. Using recycled bath tissue is a small action, but it adds up over time. We use an average of 8.6 sheets per trip to the bathroom, totaling about 57 sheets per day and 20,805 sheets per year. Marcal Small Steps can easily be found at many grocery stores and supermarkets across the nation. Visit the company’s website to print a coupon.

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