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Hello, again, fellow lovers of everything natural!  I love this list so much, I HAD to share it!  I compiled this list over the past few years, based on research and experience.  These are, in my humble opinion, the most essential herbs/herbal essential oils that EVERYONE should have on hand, for daily use or emergencies!  Please don’t just take my word for it, do the research before you use any essential oils, as there is a lot to know!  Enjoy and I hope these essentials work for you as well as they have worked for my family and me!

1. Lemongrass-great for cleansing, soothing sore muscles and as a bug repellent!

2. Lavender-the uses could go on forever, but I’ll just list a few…great for burns, cuts, inflammation, sunburn, bug bites and skin irritation.  It is also well known as a stress reducer and has wonderful calming effects!  This one’s my fave!

3. Peppermint-promotes alertness, calms nausea, helps with digestive issues and reduces allergies.

4. Lemon-cleaning.  Yep.  Try it-you’ll know what I mean!

5. Oregano-this scent might take you aback at first, but it works wonders for inflammation, joint pain, cold/flu symptoms, warts/skin tags, athlete’s foot and bacterial infections!

6. Malealeuca (Tea Tree Oil)-calms skin irritations/bug bites/eczema/psoriasis, repels/treats lice (this is huge for parents of young children, and the main reason it made my list)!

7. Bergamot-great for toothaches, calms headaches, reduces nausea, helps with constipation.  Try mixing it with Lavender-it’s lovely!

8. Myrrh-not just for the ancients!  It works as an antiseptic, pain reliever and immune system stimulant.  It can also be applied to open wounds and bruises to help with swelling!

9. Helichrysum-pricy, but you can find good deals, and it has a super long shelf life!  It works great on bruising, sprains and swelling.  It can also help battle allergies, infections and viruses!

10.  Frankincense-This was added to the list because it is such a great additive to other oils/herbs!  It also reduces, inflammation, hyperactivity and restlessness.  It can help with headaches and focus, as well!  I love it blended with Myrrh for a scent that’s not perfumy, just fresh!

I’ll say it again, using herbs and herbal essential oils takes a bit of knowledge, and it’s worth it to do the research.  However, you will be pleasantly surprised how many chemicals you can cut out of your life by simply finding herbal solutions to everyday problems!  Be well and have a healthy day!!

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