Urban Moonshine’s New Organic Energy Tonic Helps Build and Maintain Energy Reserves Naturally

Urban Moonshine will introduce its new certified organic Energy Tonic at Natural Products Expo West, the industry’s largest event taking place on March 8th. The new Energy Tonic combines some of the most widely used adaptogenic herbs known to protect the body from the depleting effects of stress.

It’s a healthier, organic alternative to much of today’s energy enhancing products that increase energy via caffeine and other stimulating ingredients for instant gratification. Those stimulants borrow energy from the body rather than build it. Urban Moonshine Energy Tonic does both. It can be used for an on the spot energy boost while also providing long term results.  

“My husband is a professional rock climber, so I’ve had ample opportunity to explore with him herbs that build endurance and resilience, instead of just fast burning energy,” says Jovial King, herbalist and founder of Urban Moonshine. “Our new Energy Tonic showcases incredible nourishing herbs such as organic Rhodiola, American Ginseng and Schisandra that have enabled him to perform at his best and feel energized long term,” adds King.

Urban Moonshine’s Energy Tonic is great for over-stressed, over-worked and depleted folks and athletes seeking to support their adrenal system, encourage their body’s endurance capacity and extend their fatigue threshold. This organic formula can help boost energy, support athletic performance and stamina, improve cognitive function and help the body maintain balance under stress.

Urban Moonshine’s goal is to reawaken interest in both herbal medicine and the idea of preventive medicine to refocus attention on building energy and wellness long term not just looking for a quick fix. “Times are changing as people are starting to demand more than a healthcare system that just treats the symptom and we are excited to be part of that change,” adds King.

Tonics strengthen health over time, and Urban Moonshine encourages people to make a commitment to embrace them as part of a daily routine to build lasting energy, health and wellness.  Urban Moonshine Energy Tonic is offered in 3 sizes: a 2-ounce bottle that is ideal for the household apothecary, a 1/2-ounce pocket spray bottle that provides an herbal boost on the go, and a large apothecary size 8.4-ounce bottle that can also be used to refill the other sizes.

About Urban Moonshine

Urban Moonshine is a small family business with a mission to rekindle the relationship between herbal medicine and the modern world. Founder Jovial King has studied herbal medicine for many years with an array of renowned teachers. She is also the “herbal expert” for Martha Stewart’s Whole Living website, for which she enjoys writing a blog about herbs

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