5 Bloggers’ Reasons to Choose Natural Skincare Products

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Skin is like a plant. It can be naturally perfect, but without proper care, it’s all irrelevant. Exercising, drinking enough water and eating properly are only some tips for having flawless skin. Now, how about products? There are thousands of brands and choosing the right one gets difficult especially in the age of the internet. Luckily, there are three main skin types (dry, combination and oily) that make the decision much easier. The personal budget is another big determiner. Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about different types of cosmetics that are less toxic and harmful, both for us and the environment.

Natural skincare products have been gaining traction for some time now and here are the reasons why you should choose natural cosmetic over the chemical one:

1. They are not harmful

Not many people like to read labels on the back of the products, which is completely understandable. There are too many complicated ingredients and, unless one has majored in chemistry, it’s difficult to know what’s that all about. The thing is, many of these products have harmful ingredients because they are cheap and widely used everywhere. Some of them can be beneficial since they’re used as preservatives or softeners, but once accumulated in the body, they can lead to cancer, thyroid issues, and skin irritation.

Natural cosmetics use superfood plants like acai and goji berries and a lot of natural and essential oils.

2. Natural products can also be organic

There’s a common misconception that natural and organic products are the same. In fact, natural refers to products that contain natural ingredients that can be either a plant, a mineral or from an animal. Organic products, on the other hand, cannot contain anything that’s grown with pesticides, growth hormones or fertilizers. Therefore, organic products are suitable for all skin types.

3. Natural is often vegan and cruelty-free

Most of the individuals are not fussed over cruelty-free products, but luckily, that’s slowly changing.

Since natural brands don’t use dangerous products, that also means that crafting them is made with love and care. In recent years, there’s been a rise in demand for vegan and CF cosmetics, because people start realizing that a quality skin cream doesn’t need to contain animal products or to be made in inhumane conditions in order to work. Using a vegan skin cleanser is equally, if not more beneficial as a face wash. Unlike mainstream brands that slap cruelty-free/vegan labels, natural cosmetic manufacturers make sure that nothing is tested on animals.

4. Ingredients are just better

Silicones, phthalates, petrolatum jelly and of course, parabens may offer some benefits at first, but they are actually unsafe. Most of these are banned in a number of countries due to their links to many diseases. Even non-dangerous ingredients are often harsh and cause redness and irritation.

Natural brands use better alternatives, like shea butter, coconut, lavender, argan, jojoba, and many others. Because of that, it can take a little longer to notice the effects, but in return, it’s much healthier to use cosmetics which are natural and therefore, more gentle. Some brands, like esmi, go to great lengths to use the best organic ingredients in their skincare and foundation products.

5. The smell is more pleasant

Synthetic products often use fragrance which gives a strong and sometimes nice smell. The reason behind the use of the strong smell is to hide the true smell of chemicals used in the making process. Fragrances can cause skin inflammation. It’s also important to know that ingredients are placed in order of quantity, so if the perfume is high on the list, then its concentration is much bigger. Natural brands use much less of it, which makes the smell less aggressive, but more pleasant.

6.  They are eco-friendly

Mass-produced cosmetics are heavy with chemicals that can have a negative effect on our environment. Harvesting farms use pesticides which in return, pollute the soil. The later stages of manufacture use many chemicals that, once released into the air, contribute to air pollution and global warming. Organic brands use clean methods of processing and harvest their ingredients in organic farms. Once more people start buying eco-friendly products, more and more manufacturers will have to drop their non-organic practices in order to please their customers.

7. Natural skincare is also great for babies and children

Kids have more sensitive skin, and unfortunately, many parents are too busy to check the product labels to check for the right ingredients. In result, babies and children can suffer skin rashes and irritations. Non-synthetic brands can offer much better care for the young ones. Essential oils, beeswax, vitamin E and many other ingredients will soothe the children’ skin. Also, some body lotions and creams could be used by adults, too!

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