Uncle Matt's Bottles the Refreshing Taste of Summer with New Homestyle Organic Lemonade

Uncle Matt’s announced today the next addition in its premium line of organic juices: not-from-concentrate, flash-pasteurized and refrigerated lemonade. Made from California-grown lemons picked at the height of the season, Uncle Matt’s lemonade is the perfect balance of tart and sweet for a taste that’s reminiscent of old-fashioned fresh-squeezed lemonade from a roadside stand.

“Our homestyle lemonade is the real deal: not-from-concentrate, refrigerated, and made from top-quality organic California-grown lemons,” says Matt McLean, founder and CEO of Uncle Matt’s. “We think it’s a perfect extension for our brand as we reach out to moms and families.”

The suggested retail is recommended at an affordable $4.99 everyday price, and $3.99 on promotion. Uncle Matt’s lemonade uses only organic ingredients and is offered in family-friendly 59-ounce size. As with all Uncle Matt’s products, no synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers are ever used in the growing process.

Uncle Matt’s Organic is a Florida-based, family-owned company offering premium quality organic citrus juices and organic produce. All Uncle Matt’s products have no synthetic additives or preservatives. Produce and finished products are produced under the strict regulation and guidelines of Quality Certification Services, the largest and most respected organic certifier in Florida. Products are available in health food stores and at Whole Foods and other supermarkets nationwide. The company is an active member of Organic Trade Association (OTA) and supports the Organic Farming Research Foundation.

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