Scent Naturally with PRIMAVERA Organic Airpsrays

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As social calendars are beginning to fill up, PRIMAVERA‘s Organic Airsprays are the season’s clear choice for an eco-savvy and socially responsible hostess gift (wallet-friendly, too, at $23).

Each spray (100% natural, of course), uses the highest amount of certified organic ingredients possible, cultivated through long-term, fair trade partnerships with 18 farmers around the world.  The four unique sensory experiences provide the therapeutic benefits of essential oil blends, including:

  • Calming Honey Chamomile – has Organic Honey Essential Oil to comfort and harmonize the mind and Organic Chamomile Essential Oil to relieve tension and insomnia while quieting the mood
  • Indulging Jasmine Bergamot – features Jasmine Essential Oil, which is seductively sensual (acting as an aphrodisiac while relaxing the senses), and Organic Bergamot Essential Oil to inspire and balance the mind
  • Refreshing Grapefruit Sage – contains Organic Grapefruit Essential Oil to promote joy and confidence, brighten the mood and support concentration and Organic Sage Essential Oil to help cleanse and purify the body and mind
  • Uplifting Mandarin Magnolia – includes Organic Mandarin Essential Oil to create a feeling of warmth and security and Magnolia Essential Oil to motivate and improves the mood

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