New Spanish Wines Made from 100 Percent Organic Grapes

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Organic Vintners, seller and importer of wines made from 100 percent organically grown grapes, has introduced a new Spanish wine brand, Sol de Agosto, to the US market.

Sol de Agosto Tinto and Sol de Agosto Blanco, red and white wines, respectively, are made from certified organic grapes grown without the use of toxic, synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. In addition, the wines are vegan, produced without the use of animal products, which are commonly used in commercial wine production.

Produced by regional winemaker Bodega EHD in La Mancha, Spain, Sol de Agosto reflects what the La Mancha region is known for–high quality wines at a value price. La Mancha, a high, fertile, arid plateau in central Spain famous for its historic windmills, is also emerging as a region committed to sustainable agriculture–more than half of Spain’s organic wines are grown in Castilla-La Mancha, according to the region’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Priced at an everyday value of $9.99, Sol de Agosto wines are now available at participating retailers in California, including Silverlake Wine (Los Angeles), Green Chile Kitchen and Nature Stop (San Francisco). In Colorado, Sol de Agosto wines are available at retailers including Liquor Mart, Alfalfa’s Market, Reds, and Williams Village in Boulder, Chambers, Great Vines, and Mile High Wine in Denver, and Leadville Liquor and Salida Café in the mountains. “You can’t beat this price point for high-quality organic wines from Europe,” said Organic Vintners President Paolo Bonetti. “This is a great deal for consumers.” Nationwide distribution is soon to follow, he said.

Both the grapes and the facilities producing the Sol de Agosto label are certified organic by USDA accredited Ecocert, and are compliant with the National Organic Program (NOP) of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

No Animals Harmed in this Wine Production

Sol de Agosto wines are vegan, as they do not use any animal products in the production of the wine. The vintner uses all natural bentonite clay to clarify the wine instead of traditional non-vegan products, which include egg whites (to fine and brighten the wines), casein (a milk protein to make wine taste softer), gelatin (removes bitterness) and isinglass (a clarification agent derived from fish). All of Organic Vintners’ wines are vegan except for one (Barolo).

The La Mancha region’s dry climate and lack of humidity make for excellent growing conditions for organic agriculture. Sol de Agosto Tinto’s red wine blend consists of 60 percent Tempranillo, 20 percent Merlot and 20 percent Syrah, and the soil’s mixture of sand and clay helps create the wine’s deep cherry red hue and rich fragrances of dried blackberries and prunes. This medium bodied wine has notes of berry, tart plum, and spice with soft tannins and acidity on the finish. Sol do Agosto Tinto pairs well with tapas, aged Manchego cheese and chile rellenos.

Sol de Agosto Blanco is a white wine made from 100 percent Airén. Airén has become the world’s most planted white grape varietal in terms of surface area and is native to Spain where it accounts for 30 percent of all grapes grown. Sol de Agosto Blanco shows a light yellow straw color with warm fragrances of dried peach fruit and stony minerals on the nose. The palate is round with a creamy texture, traces of grapefruit and low acidity. Spicy with a racy finish, it pairs with tilapia served with a mango/habanera chutney, Mediterranean spinach salads or seafood paellas.

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