Product of the Week: Aromafloria Bath and Body Oil

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Aromafloria's rosemary and mint bath and body oil is hydrating and invigorating.

Instead of soaking in or slathering on chemical- and petroleum-based bath oils, try hydrating your skin with USDA-certified organic bath and body oil from Aromafloria.

Aromafloria offers superior body oils at a competitive price–$20 for 3.4 ounces packaged in glass jars with pumps–that are packed with organic essential oils in a base of organic soybean oil. Soybean oil delivers high-impact moisture to dry skin while the different essential oils (choose from rosemary and mint; orange and vetiver; lavender and chamomile; and geranium and cedarwood blends) offer beneficial aromatherapy treatment. Try rosemary and mint or orange and vetiver for an energy boost; use geranium and cedarwood or lavender and chamomile for calm relaxation.

Many mainstream body oils are packed with PEGs (polyethylene glycol, a carcinogen), parabens (preservatives that have been linked to abnormal hormonal effects) and fragrance (a catch-all phrase for a witch’s brew of synthetic colors and perfumes).

Aromafloria is committed to responsibly sourcing ingredients for its products. Aromafloria follows Green InGredients Guidelines when finding packaging materials, ingredients and communities to incorporate into its products. Aromafloria pledges to never test on animals; never use aerosols; and never use synthetic ingredients.

Besides the company’s commitment to organic and natural ingredients, Aromafloria is also committed to renewable energy; its facilities are wind-powered and are Green-e certified.

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