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Protect the environment while eating chocolate! Take a bite out of some organic chocolate from Endangered Species Chocolate.

With Halloween just around the corner, now is the perfect time to educate others about organic and fair trade items. This year instead of tossing in a standard candy bar, give your neighborhood kids organic chocolate Bug Bites from Endangered Species Chocolate. They’ll be getting delicious chocolate, and you’ll be helping to spread a positive environmental message.

At a third of an ounce, Endangered Species Chocolate’s Bug Bites are perfect for individual snacking, making them an ideal Halloween treat. The squares come in both milk and dark chocolate, and each bar is USDA certified organic, gluten free and kosher. The dark chocolate Bug Bites are also certified vegan. The chocolate is 100 percent ethically traded. Endangered Species Chocolate buys its cacao from small family-owned properties in Peru, the Ivory Coast and Nigeria, where the company installed water pumps for two villages and provided more than 2,000 children with school supplies.

In addition to an organic chocolate square, each Bug Bite comes with an insect trading card. Each of the 32 cards features a picture and information on a variety of colorful insects.

Endangered Species Chocolate says its goal is to use the universal appeal of chocolate to spread a positive environmental message. Each box of Bug Bites contains information on the outside of the box about the National Wildlife Federation and the Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program, an educational program that teaches homeowners to plant landscaping with wildlife in mind. Endangered Species Chocolate also donates 10 percent of its net profits to environmental organizations that work to help endangered species and their habitats.

Order Bug Bites on Endangered Species Chocolate’s website. A box of 64 organic chocolate Bug Bites costs $32. While you’re on the site, check out some of Endangered Species Chocolate’s other chocolate products, such as its chocolate bars [] and even its seasonal bags of organic chocolate bites in Halloween wrapping.

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