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So, I just realized that, though I wrote a blog post about the salvaged door headboard my boyfriend and I made, I neglected to mention that it is attached to an absolutely fantastic organic mattress, which I am very happy to blather on about here in my blog. Last fall, I got a Land and SkyRainforest mattress from The Natural Bed Store in Lincoln, Nebraska. Made with a natural latex core, organic wool fill and an organic cotton cover, this bed is totally nontoxic and absolutely divine to sleep in. As we often mention in Natural Homegetting an organic bed is among the best investments you can make toward the health and sustainability of your domicile–there are few other home objects with which we spend nearly 1/3 of our lives (in extremely close contact, too!). Beds made of natural materials keep toxic flame retardants (and the chemicals that make up many of the foam beds on the market) out of our nighttime breathing space.

My first experience with The Natural Bed Store was speaking with one of their customer service representatives. Once you decide to place an order, you will get a call from one of these friendly folks because these beds are totally customized to you–your weight, height, most common sleeping position…they take everything into account before designing a bed individually tailored to you. Then came the delivery people, who came on schedule, on time and with a totally helpful attitude. But the really convincing part comes when you lay down on the bed. Unlike spring mattresses, which have more bounce, a wool and natural latex bed kind of cradles you. It feels like you would imagine it might feel to lay on a pile of densely packed organic sheep’s wool. Also, whereas springy mattresses lose their bounce over time, this material shouldn’t lose its bounciness with use. I believe it will hold up wondefully for years to come. I am so happy with my investment.

Does anyone out there have an organic mattress you love? One that’s not so great? Let me know….we can compare notes!

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