Case Studies: Liver Tea

<p>This is a classic detox tea for improving liver health and vitality. Take the tea for about three weeks, two to four times a year. The ingredients are given in percentages so you can make up as much or as little tea as desired.</p>
<li>20 percent Oregon grape root (<em>Mahonia aquifolium</em>), to remove pathogenic heat</li>
<li>20 percent boldo (<em>Peumus boldus</em>), to harmonize liver function and promote bile flow</li>
<li>20 percent orange peel, for its anti-inflammatory properties; also improves taste</li>
<li>15 percent dandelion root (<em>Taraxacum officinale</em>), to remove heat and promote smooth liver flow</li>
<li>15 percent burdock root (<em>Arctium lappa</em>), to promote vital energy and harmonize the liver</li>
<li>10 percent licorice (<em>Glycyrrhiza glabra</em>), for its antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects; also improves taste</li>
<li>Simmer the herbs for 30 minutes and let the brew steep for another 30 minutes.</li>
<li>Strain and drink 1 warm, strong cup twice daily, before meals. It’s safe to make enough for three days and store in the refrigerator until used.</li>
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<em>Christopher Hobbs’s case studies are gleaned from his 30 years of studying and practicing herbalism. Hobbs, a fourth-generation botanist and herbalist, is the creator of the correspondence course Foundations of Herbalism.</em>
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