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Natural remedies, preventative health care and caffeine alternatives for the illness-prone, stressed and tired student.

| September/October 1997

  • St Johns Wort can aide in battling anxiety and depression.

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As your children head off to college, you know they’ll pack what they think is important—trendy clothes, a stereo, post­ers for their dormitory room. But you’re a parent, so you mention winter coats and car insurance, all the while wondering what you can do to help your children stay healthy.

College campuses expose young adults to new health risks. For freshmen, that first year can be especially stressful as they experience a different lifestyle, one that often includes fast food, parties, and all-night study sessions. And all college students are at risk for colds, flu, and other common ailments, as well as more serious conditions, such as depression and sleep disorders associated with pressure to perform.

You can’t continually watch over your children as they go out into the world, but you can help them stay happy and healthy by slipping a few carefully selected herbal remedies into their luggage. We asked professionals with experience in herbal therapy to suggest items they would include in a college care package—alongside a tin of homemade chocolate chip cookies, of course.

Make it simple

College students are often too preoccupied to think about preventive health care—until they wind up in bed with a nasty cold.

“To get a young adult to take supplements is sometimes difficult,” says Hyla Cass, a psychiatrist who specializes in nutritional medicine. “Kids generally feel they’re invincible until they’re finally on their own and begin to get run down.”

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