5 Yoga Poses That Will Help Overcome Anger

Reader Contribution by Bipin Baloni
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Life is a challenging road to walk on. On every corner, a new problem welcomes you. In order to run smoothly on the route, you need to deal with all of these issues without being tense. It is correct to admit that getting angry is a common phenomenon in today’s lifestyle. Many of us do not see the positive side of life and lose our temper easily. Let’s embrace the yogic delight and keep irritation at bay. When you join a 200 hour yoga teacher training in Nepal, you will find the tremendous role of yoga in anger management. This is because yoga masters have been sponsoring spirituality as the finest way to enjoy life with happiness since time immemorial.

Here are a few yoga poses that promote mental tranquility and help in managing stress and anger.

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Without a doubt, Balasana is the primary choice of yoga practice when it comes to anger and stress management. Also known as Child’s Pose, it is all about mental peace and serenity. There is no scope of getting frustrated when you embrace the purity of Balasana in your life.

To practice this asana, come into the kneeling-down position with the lower legs completely on the ground and sit on your heels. Bend forward to place your abdomen on the thighs. Spread your hands and put the palms on the ground. Let the forehead rest on the mat. Enjoy complete relaxation in this position for 5-6 minutes.

This exercise, when practiced on a regular basis, offers immense contentment in your daily life. A sense of inner silence can be experienced with the practice of this asana. If you get easily annoyed, Balasana is for you. It encourages the right way of breathing to stay balanced.

Baddha Konasana

One of the finest sitting yoga exercises, Baddha Konasana is extremely beneficial in countering all those stressful moments of life. After working for a long time in the office, the body gets worn out, which might result in frustration. Baddha Konasana keeps the body full of energy all through the day. By stretching the thighs and spine, the yoga asana puts one in a position of great exuberance. It is all about enjoying the moments of life with happiness and gaiety.

Start in a seated position. Keep the spine straight. Bring the soles together and join them in front of the pelvis while trying to keep the legs in contact with the ground. Hold the feet with your hands to stabilize the palms. Let the thigh muscles enjoy blood circulation. The asana is a great solution to constant anxiety.


Let your life embrace the vivacity of a fish in the water with Matsyasana practice. Let the body come into the shape of a fish to kill all those stressful elements in life. The practice of Matsyasana is all about physical, as well as mental flexibility.

Begin the practice of Matsyasana by lying on the yoga mat quite comfortably. Enjoy the cross-legged position by bringing the legs together. Lift your chest up while retaining the position of the bottom and the crown on the mat. Focus your eyes on the ceiling to enjoy the balance of the mind and body concentration.

This exercise will help in opening up the chest, which is a sign of being audacious. When you are confident, you enjoy your work and don’t get angry. Matsyasana brings you closer to the ground and helps you feel the warmth of mother earth’s healing beauty.


Sukhasana is made of two words – ‘Sukh’, meaning happiness and ‘asana’, meaning pose. When jollity is hidden in the name, the practice becomes even more soul-satisfying. Experience activeness in its fascinating form while enjoying the beauty of Sukhasana, which is also known as Easy Pose.

Sit in a cross-legged position with a straight spine. Join the palms in prayer in front of the chest. Let the torso remain open and unswerving. After a couple of deep breaths, beautify your soul with a few Sanskrit mantras. The mantras will help your mind enter the zone of spiritual blissfulness. The easy pose also teaches you to overcome tensed circumstances obstructing your progress on the life path.

The yogic exercise is a fantastic way to witness the spiritual beauty in the most amazing form. The positive energy of the mind keeps you on the track of peacefulness. Give this practice at least 5-10 minutes every morning to put anger on the back burner. One, who practices Sukhasana, knows how to celebrate each and every moment of life.


The popularity of Uttanasana among the stressed population is quite incredible. The asana is easy to practice, doubled with its beauty as a physical as well as a mental exercise. It impacts not only the mind’s wisdom but also to the body’s muscular fitness. All these amazing benefits make people fall in love with the pose.

Talking about the art of practicing this asana, you should start with the standing position. Bend the body down to touch the toes with your hands, or place the palms on the mat, if possible. During the exercise, do not let the knees get angled. Let the body feel the stretch in the position for a couple of minutes. You should repeat the practice a few more times.

Since the brain comes below the heart during the process, a substantial amount of blood enters the mind. The healthy circulation of red liquid makes sure the mind remains cool and composed all the time. It helps you stay away from anger and tensity in daily life.

Bipin Baloni is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveller in India. He organizes 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal. Bipin Baloni conducts Yoga Teacher Training in India in different cities. He loves writing and reading books related to yoga, health, nature, The Himalayas.

  • Published on Jun 11, 2019
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