10 Surprising Benefits Of Euphorbia

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What is Euphorbia?

Euphorbia, a part of the Euphorbiaceae family, also known as Spurge is a flowering plant. It is mostly found on open lands, roadsides and dirt roads. It is said to be a native of India and grows in South Asia, Australia, Africa and Central America. Some of the common names of euphorbia are Poinsettia, Asthma weed, milkweed (due to its ability to generate more milk in women after pregnancy) and radium weed.

Euphorbias are easy to grow and need less maintenance effort. They are tough, generally the font of sunshine but can manage to grow under shades too. They can survive in drought conditions but can flourish beyond the limit in organic, mineral-rich soil. There are almost 4000 varieties under the Euphorbiaceae family, with each of them own countless medical benefits.

What makes it special?

There are many benefits to Euphorbia. Some of them are anti-inflammatory activity, anti-tumor activity, anti-viral activity, pest repellent activity, anti-oxidation activity, anti-diabetic, sedative and wound healing ability. It is used in various forms, both internally and externally for various medical conditions.

Some other benefits of Euphoria are:

  • No side effects as it is completely natural
  • Helps with throat infections, eye related problems like conjunctivitis
  • Easy to obtain especially in tropical region
  • Relief for a toothache, headache.

However, as a word of caution, Euphorbia is proven to be harmful to pregnant women and resulted in miscarriages in many situations. So it is advisable to avoid it during pregnancy or use it under proper medical supervision.

Below are some of the major health benefits of Euphorbia that is sure to create significant impact in the lives of many people suffering from various health conditions.

Health benefits of Euphorbia

Anti-inflammatory agent

It is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent. According to this research conducted on rats, euphorbia extract has significant anti-inflammatory activity if used on a consistent basis. This is due to the presence of components such as flavonoids, saponins, sterols 24-methylene-cycloartenol, and triterpene β-amyrin. You can check more about it here. It could be used for arthritis treatment, body swelling and provides great relief for people suffering from Rheumatic Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. It can also offer relief and healing to skin conditions such as Eczema which is an inflammatory condition of the skin.

Controls Asthma

Euphorbia has another popular name called asthma weed. This is due to its excellent ability to fight against asthma, bronchitis, chest congestion, flu and cold. Ayurvedic practitioners suggest it as an effective treatment method for bronchitis patients. Dried leaves of the plant are smoked and rolled and kept under the head at night. It can also be taken internally in liquid form. Any issues related to the respiratory tract can be efficiently treated by asthma weed.

Strengthen your immune system

Euphorbia boosts the immune system against viral infections, fungal infections and provides general wellness. A liquid pulp is made using the flowers of the plant. It is proven to effectively treat eye-infections, strengthen your Central Nervous System (CNS) and fight inflammation. It is also said to provide resistance against snake venom and scorpion bites.

Sexual Health

Even today, it is considered as one of the important natural resources to treat impotence, premature ejaculation and infertility in men and women. A sustained consumption has proven to improve the sexual health of men and women alike. It is also used as a sexual stimulant. For women, it can be used for the production of milk and to treat gonorrhea.

Solves Gastrointestinal Issues

Four different species in the Euphorbiaceae family is proven to be helping with gastrointestinal and digestive issues in human beings. The whole plant except the root is washed and boiled in water for 15 minutes to prepare a tea. It can be taken in portions during the day. Diarrhea, vomiting, irritable bowel movement and constipation can be controlled by using this plant weed. It can be taken internally in the form of pulp or liquid. It is also an effective cure for intestinal worms.

Skin treatment

Euphorbia for skin problem is a proven treatment method backed by science. According to this study, the plant Euphorbia peplus is proven to fight human non-melanoma skin cancers. Cancer is abnormal growth of cells at a fast pace. The sap is toxic to these cells and eventually kills them. A substance called ingenol mebutate in the plant is known to kill cancer cells in the skin. Another study reveals that 71% of the cancer cells were destroyed using peplus as an active ingredient. More research on Euphoria for skin problems can lead to path-breaking discoveries in the field of cancer research. It can also reduce the effect of sunburns, wrinkles, and acts as a great anti-age agent.

Fights against dengue virus

Euphorbia helps to fight against the deadly dengue virus. During dengue infection, the number of platelets in the blood reduces drastically. The plant has a unique ability to reload the balance of platelets in the body. As per this study, the water decoction of the plant leaves will stop internal hemorrhage and cure dengue fever within 24 hours.

Mouth ulcers

The root of the Euphorbia plant can be used to make a serum. A person suffering from mouth ulcers can gargle several times a day using the serum. It is proven to relieve mouth ulcers and associated pain. It lightens the swollen skin around the sores, tenderness and related burning sensation.

Heals burn wounds

Tissue damage in the burnt area can reduce the amount of protein in the affected area exposing the flesh. If not treated, this will be used as a window by bacteria and fungus viruses to attack the body and cause various infections. Euphorbia is an effective remedy for burns; both severe and light burns. The ethanol content in the plant is highly useful to reduce the effects of burn wounds. The antimicrobial characteristic of the plant helps in fighting against microbes that cause infection on burns and open wounds. This study hence proved the benefits of euphorbia to treat burns.

Insect repellent

The larvicidal and pupicidal properties of euphorbia is proven to repel insects and malaria-causing mosquitos. Studies have proven and recommended that the plant can be used as a safe and efficient way to control the spread of malaria. It eliminates that chances of harmful side-effects caused by the use of chemical and are non-fatal to humans, animals as well as the environment.


Euphorbia is scientifically proven as a healing agent for a variety of medical ailments. In some of the rural areas of Africa and Asia, it is considered as one of the best anti-inflammatory foods and consumed as part of daily diet. This prevents diseases such as cancer, inflammation, skin problems, sexual troubles, burn wounds, digestive problems and immunity weakness. The necessary dose of Euphorbia is determined by a medical practitioner. It depends on various factors such as the patient’s age, gender, type of ailment, general health condition, allergies and past medical history. Although natural herbs don’t induce side-effects, it is important to be mindful of the dosage and preventions. So be sure to consult a trusted medical officer and consume only after thorough research.









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