Product of the Week: Kettle Brand Organic Chips

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Kettle Brand Chips use all natural ingredients to flavor their certified-organic chips.
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Kettle Brand Chips use natural sunflower and safflower oils to fry their potato chips.
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Kettle Brand's Organic Chips come in three delicious flavors, including Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper.

Every chip brings an audible crunch, but there’s no reason to feel self-conscious eating Kettle Brand Chips’ organic potato chips. They may be noisy, but they’re too delicious to resist.

If you need your salty or crunchy fix, these are the chips to try. Kettle Brand’s organic chips have all-natural flavoring with no trans fats, MSG or genetically modified ingredients. Kettle Brand organic chips are gluten-free and USDA-certified organic.

Fried in sunflower and safflower oil, Kettle Brand organic chips are deliciously crisp and tasty. Kettle Brand organic chips come in three flavors: Lightly Salted, Chipotle Barbecue, and Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper, a Natural Home favorite.

But it’s not just the flavoring that is good for the environment, it’s the way Kettle Brand manufactures its product. Each bag of chips is produced in Kettle Brand’s LEED Gold-certified production plant in Beloit, Wisconsin, complete with 18 wind turbines used to power the building  And the company headquarters in Salem, Oregon, has 600 roof-mounted solar panels to generate electricity. Waste oil from production goes towards making biodiesel fuel.

A healthy and delicious option, Kettle Brand organic chips are the perfect pick for an outdoor party or a road trip. Kettle Brand Chips are available at grocery stores nationwide, or at organic groceries such as Whole Foods. The average cost is $3 for a 5-ounce bag.

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