The Dirty Dozen: Top 12 Foods to Buy Organic

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What should you buy if your favorite organic fruits and vegetables aren’t available? Environmental Working Group’s list, which assesses the average toxic load of conventionally grown produce, can help you choose the path of fewest pesticides. Check Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides for further details.

Most Contaminated (buy organic)

1 Apples
2 Bell peppers
3 Celery
4 Cherries
5 Imported grapes
6 Nectarines
7 Peaches
8 Pears
9 Potatoes
10 Red raspberries
11 Spinach
12 Strawberries

Least Contaminated

1 Asparagus
2 Avocados
3 Bananas
4 Broccoli
5 Cauliflower
6 Corn (sweet)
7 Kiwi
8 Mangos
9 Onions
10 Papaya
11 Pineapples
12 Peas (sweet)

What about washing?

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